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Men’s Full Cut Cotton Briefs by Dimore

Finding high quality cotton briefs for men can be difficult at best today. I am always looking for briefs with a nice comfortable band. Leg holes that are comfortable, but not too big. Cotton that has a slight stretch though not so much stretch that the briefs become baggy. I recently was asked to test a sample of Dimore Men’s Full Cut Cotton Briefs and with all of the men in our family this is not a hard product to test.

The Dimore Men’s Full Cut Cotton Briefs are sold in a pack of 5. The briefs are colors are black, dark blue, light blue, white and gray. The elastic band is a thick enough to be comfortable and measures 1 3/8 inches thick. The briefs sport a tag-less design so no itchy tags. The leg holes are cut slightly higher to give extra comfort to the wearer. The leg holes are a no ride up design with reinforced bands. The men’s briefs are made of 100% combed cotton and is soft to the touch. The briefs are machine washable and tumble dry safe. These lightweight breathable briefs are great for all season wear, less sweating makes for a more comfortable wear.

Overall, the Dimore Men’s briefs are well made. They are made with the best of cotton for comfort and durability. The elastic band has just the right amount of stretch to fit comfortably without digging in or rolling while wearing. The reinforced legs do not cut in the legs nor are they extremely lose. The front of the briefs do have the open fly. The five pack of men’s briefs is filled with just the right colors that men prefer and priced right. I would have to say these briefs are of the same quality as the name brand briefs that many men are used to wearing, but at a lower price. I would recommend the Dimore Men’s Full Cut Cotton Briefs.

The Dimore Men’s Full Cut Cotton Briefs can be purchased at at:

I received this as a complementary sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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