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Massaging Cushion Six-Program

Why should we be thinking about a  massaging cushion with six program? Due to the aches and pains that become more apparent as become older. Living with these aches and pains do not need to be part of growing older. When using deep tissue massages you can start to feel younger again. You can spend hundreds of dollars getting massages and waste hours traveling and booking appointments. Or you can buy a massaging cushion and receive your deep tissue massages in the convenience of your own home.

What is so great about a massaging cushion, first off you can work you muscles at your own pace. You decide the speed, where you want the massage and when. While most massaging units only offer massaging with a few speeds. This massaging cushion offers 4 Shiatsu massaging modes that go both up and down your whole back.  Though you can choose to massage only a portion of you back.

Another great feature is the optional heat function. As you sit back and enjoy your favorite television program or book you can feel the heat radiating up your back.  While you can adjust the speeds you can also choose the intensity by increasing or decreasing the amount of pressure you place against the cushion.

The remote control is easy to use with a quick push you are enjoying a full shiatsu massage. Move the arrows up or down to pin point your trouble areas. Not in the mood for a full on shiatsu massage, but need a vibrating massage you can use it alone or in conjunction with the shiatsu massage. The vibration massage offers low, medium and high vibrating impulses too.

Another great option is the tapping percussion massage. This feature allows the user to target their problem areas. Turn on the tapping intensity to a gentle pace or a high fast pulse of 4000 pulses per minute for that deep muscle penetration.  Also, there are 3 features percussion massaging modes to choose from. Which are continuous, intermittent, and intermittent/continuous.

This massaging cushion comes with a timer so you do not have to use a cell phone or watch to pace yourself. Just set the timer for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. You will know what you body can handle and for most of us we start out slow and build up our times. While this is just at home it mimics the same type of massages you would get with a professional therapist. You can also use this in the car on your ride home since it comes with a car adapter as well as a home plug.

Overall, I was happy with the results. The heat felt great as the muscles were being kneed or tapped. I will warn you this massaging cushion puts you muscles through the paces so be ready.  Some people may experience some pain in the beginning. Having the option of the different speeds and types of massages is a huge plus.

If you have never been to a professional therapist you might be surprised at how much this will improve your life. Muscle tension causes a lot of underlying issue and can affect us in all aspects of our lives. Though, I have learned from passed visits to a therapist to drink lots of water after deep tissue massages to get the full benefit. When the muscles are massaged they release toxins and the water helps to flush them away.

This massaging cushion is great for all adults and teens. With Christmas right around the corner you might want to pick up one for you and another for a gift.

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