Sodynee® Slim Travel Packing Cubes,Luggage Travel Accessories Organizer Bags

When traveling I like to keep my suitcase organized so that I don’t have to spend precious time looking through my suitcase for specific item of clothing. I was asked to test the Sodynee Slim Travel Packing Cubes Luggage I was excited to see if they would really make a difference when packing. Now it would be nice if I trip planned soon which I do not, but I guess the true test when come on my next trip.

When the packing cubes arrived they were packed in a clear plastic bag. The package contained 3 medium size bags measuring at 13 ¾ inches long, 9 ¾ inches wide and 3 inches tall. There was no odor when I opened the package or on any bags. The packing bags are made of a strong nylon fabric that is resistant to water. The zipper has a two pulls that allow me to open the bag wide enough to place my clothes inside. The zipper is made of nylon with metal pulls and they have added rope like extensions for easier opening. On the front of the bag there are mesh opening on both side of the bag. Down the center of the bag is solid with the company logo. The back of the bag is a solid back just like the center on the front of the bag. I like there is a handle also attached to the bag. The handle makes it easy to reach into my suitcase and pull out the whole bag.

Overall. I am amazed really how much these medium sized bags can hold. These bags could hold a whole outfit for a child or smaller individual. Though, I pack a long maxi dress, undergarments and a pair of flats inside the bag with no problem. It will make packing easier as well as finding what clothing I need quicker. I can use one bag for undergarments, one for socks, another for sleepwear, but then I could use them to pack a complete outfit. I like that the travel packing cubes give me so many options. I also think that these little packing bags may also come in handy for use every day at home. If you have younger children you know what a morning looks like when you are trying to get everyone dressed and out the door. If you pack your kid’s clothes in the packing cube/bag all they have to do is grab a bag and everything is there for them. No more searching for a pair matching socks or their favorite tee-shirt. They could help pick out the clothes a head of time and even help pack the cube/bags. Not only will this make everyone’s lives easier it will be teaching good organizational skills to your kids. I like the mesh size on the front of the bag because the clothes will get plenty of air to keep them smelling fresh. The handle makes it easy to grab and take into the bathroom or dressing area too. The nylon zipper feels strong and worked seamlessly for me. The stitching on the bag is well done with no broken or puckers in the stitches. I am quite surprised at how nice the packing cubes/bags really are. I would recommend the Sodynee Slim Travel Packing Cubes Luggage.

The Sodyneee Slim Travel packing cubes are sold on Amazon.

I received this for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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