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Lulu Dharma Large Reversible Foldover Clutch

The holiday season is fast approaching. Which means a lot of parties including those fancy work parties. As a woman I know you want to show up sporting the latest fashionable accessories. Well no worries the Lulu Dharma Large Reversible Foldover Clutch is just what you will need.

The Lulu Dharma large reversible foldover clutch offers up to 6 different multicolor choices. Though, keep in mind that one clutch offers two colors. There is the striking blue, taupe or a combination of blue and taupe. Then there is a gold, silver or the combination of gold and silver clutch. Lastly, a black, white or black and white clutch.  I bet you are wondering how one clutch can be three different combinations. Easy each side is a different color and with this fold-able design its up to the user how to display it.

When you see the Lulu Dharma large reversible foldover clutch you will be stunned by the large size. This clutch measures unfolded 14 inches x 7 inches and when it is folded to a bifold it measures 14 inches x 12 inches. While you would think a clutch this size would be heavy. But it is a lightweight at 6.7 ounces.

With the zipper closure this clutch offers plenty of security for your belongings. There is enough room in this clutch to carry your smartphone, make-up, wallet, keys, kindle or any items you will need. The interior of the clutch is a nice surprise with its hot pink eco-silk lining.

This clutch offers the user so many variations which means one clutch can work for a number of special occasions.  Whether you are heading out to dinner, a party or wedding you will be holding your new favorite clutch. This trendy stylish clutch makes a fashion statement as you walk in to the room.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for any of the woman in your life this is one to take a second look at. The Lulu Dharma large reversible foldover clutch is for all ages and all occasions. I would recommend this clutch and know I cannot wait to show off mine at the party I attend.

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