Lifestance Super Bright 6 Led Solar Motion Sensor Wireless Lights

Solar lightening is great alternative to wired lighting sources. When adding lights to the dark corners in my yard I tend to look for solar lighting so I can avoid the extra expensive of the electricity. The upgraded solar light by Lifestance super bright 6 LED solar motion sensor are wireless and weatherproof. These solar lights are great sources of light for outdoor security and safety.

These solar lights offer two different light modes which are bright and dim. Once the switch has been activated the lights will automatically turn on and off. The solar lights require direct sunlight to charge and must solar lights need at least 8 hours of sunlight. At dusk if the motion sensor senses any type of movement the light will turn on and will stay on for 15 second and then will dim back down if no motion is sensed. The battery will provide up to 12 of illumination. The actual battery is an 18650 lithium 220 mAH which is known for its longer lasting charge.

I was impressed by how bright these LED lights were. There have 6 LED chips which give off an extremely bright light for the size of the solar light. The LED chips can give up to 300 lumens which is more than an adequate amount of lighten for most areas. The sensor on the solar light can detect movement up to 16-26 feet away. I like this because it could be used not only for security purposes, but it could also provide lighting for safety too. It could be used to illuminate a dark door way or walkway that has no electrical lighting source. Another great feature is as long as there is adequate sunlight to charge the lights even in a power outage you will have a light source.

Overall, I am impressed with the amount of light these solar lights put out. It is understandable that certain times of the year such as the winter season the lights maybe effected by the weather conditions. What I normally do is switch the lights off and bring them indoors. I like to use these lights in various areas of my yard, around my pool and walkways. I see the lights as an extra security and safety sources that gives me peace of mind. I would recommend the Lifestance Super Bright 6 Led Solar Motion Sensor Lights.

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