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Leyla Milani Luxury Travel Bag

 When most people travel they worry about packing all their everyday products. While the Leyla Miani Luxury travel bag takes all those worries away. Everything you use on a daily basis is packed perfectly in this stunning travel bag so its ready to grab and go. Traveling should be something to look forward and looking your best is makes it even better.

 I know my hair looks its best when I am familiar with the products which means I do not want to catch myself on vacation searching for similar products.  Following my normal daily routines also gives me confidence in my appearance which makes me a happier person. First thing in the morning I shower and wash my hair. No hotel shampoos and conditioners for my hair. I can grab my Leyla Milani shampoo and conditioner right out of my bag. The use my hair dryer and mini brush before applying root lifter also a Leyla Milani product.  Then I use my glamours straightener to style my hair. A few sprays of hairspray and I am ready for a day of exploring. All of these products are included in this beautiful white textured zippered bag. 

 The baby give it to me hair straightener is studded with sparkling crystals to give it a stunning appearance.  It is full on Bling! The mini flat iron is 7 inches long and will fit in most handbags, vehicle compartments and even your gym bag. You can plug in this hair straightener just about anyplace due to its dual voltage abilities.  Another great feature is the mini flat iron comes with a heat resistant bag so you can style and go.

The travel bag contains a two ounce bottle of both the shampoo and conditioner and these can always be refilled so you are always ready to go. Also, there is a travel size can of hairspray which is 2.25 oz more than enough for most users for a normal trip. While my favorite product is the big hair don’t care root lifter and its full size! Another, thing I  like that comes in this set is the mini miracle hair brush.  It can be left in the travel bag or tucked into your handbag if you want.

What I like to do is keep one mini miracle brush in my handbag and one at my destination. This way I do not forget to pack it for touch ups during my daily excursions. Plus if I misplace my brush during my travels I have a back up always with me. Once you have used this natural boar/nylon bristle paddle brush you will find no other brush will do. This miracle brush is great for all hair types and styles. It also works on hair extensions which means no special extra brush.

Overall, if you are like me then you will be in love with this beautiful Luxe traveler set and mini miracle brush. My hair is slightly above my shoulders. Its thick, straight with a fine texture. When it comes to styling I have tried a lot of products that just cannot get the job done. Most products I have used will only last a few hours before my hair is flat. The Leyla Milani hair products keep my hair style in place all day long. The shine and bounce is back. My hair looks and feels thicker too.

Even though I used the example of traveling for this bag a vacation is not the only type of travel this bag would be prefect for. Grab it to use after your trip to the gym, spa, after a long day and work for a night out. There are so many  ways this bag will save you time and keep you looking your best. I would recommend checking these products out.

The Luxe Traveler Set Leyla Milani:
  • EXCELLENT VALUE: Save on a Complete Set of Our Most Popular Products
  • LUXURY BAG INCLUDED: Features a Zippered Carrying Bag With Handle
  • TRAVEL HAIR KIT: Durable Zipper Enclosure and small size makes for the perfect hair care travel kit
  • HAIR IRON INCLUDED: Includes a mini flat iron


Mini Miracle Brush by Leyla Milani:
  • MINI BRUSH: Perfectly sized brush fits into Purses, Glove compartments and travel bags. Take it everywhere you go!
  • NYLON AND NATURAL BRISTLES: The perfect combination of natural and nylon makes for a gentle brush that removes tangles effectively
  • SMOOTH SATIN FINISH: No Slip Satin finish feels great in your hand while the brush feels great on your scalp
  • BOOST SHINE AND ADD VOLUME: Duo bristles penetrate hair to add shine and volume
  • CRUELTY FREE: Cruelty-free harvesting of boar bristles mean you can brush with a clean conscience


THE LUXE TRAVELER SET by Leyla Milani Contains:
  • The Aspen Bag
  • Baby, Baby Give it to Me Straight Flat Iron *Travel (mini) FLAT IRON
    • All items below are Travel size
    •  Mini Miracle Brush
    •  Hairspray- Hold Me 2.25 oz
    • Travel Size Shampoo- High MANEtenance Shampoo 2 oz
    • Conditioner- High MANEtenance Conditioner 2 oz
  • Big Hair Don’t Care (full size)


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