LED Grow Light

Living in a cold climate really puts my herbs at a disadvantage for growing large and lush. I am a big fan of fresh Rosemary, but my plant dies every year leaving to buy a small little plant and start over each year. I have been searching for a way to keep my Rosemary thriving throughout the winter months. When I was approached by Outtled to review their LED Grow Light I was excited to see if this light would keep my Rosemary thriving all year long. I will still have to bring the plant indoors, but that is not a problem if it continues to grow during the winter.

The 24 W hydroponic LED grow light has 12 LED bulbs that are energy efficient. Each of the bulbs are nestled in to a white plastic housing. The lights are twice as bright as other lights, but only use the 24 W of electricity. The red LEDS promote the growth of fruits and flowers. It gives the extra boost of light that is missing in the winter, when it’s raining or snowing and when it’s inside with limited access to the sun. The LED grow bulb has a low power consumptions, but provides a high luminous effect. The LED bulbs also have a long lifespan. These lights have shown to improve the overall health of plants while promoting growth. When using this LED grow bulb you can expect to see new leaf growth in 2 weeks if you use the grow lamp on a daily basis. This type of light does not have the same heating effect which keeps the plants from drying out.

The blue LED bulbs is great for promoting leaf growth. It works with the red light to provide all of the lighting needs that a plant needs to thrive. The blue bulb increases the Chlorophyll and Carotenoid that promotes photosynthesis producing strong leaf growth and green color. What is nice is the bulb colors work together at the same time and each are beneficial to the plants survival.

Overall, the Outtled LED Grow Light can extend the life of my plants. The bulb works in any lamp so there is no need to have to buy a special lamp. The lamp is cost efficient to use at 24W’s. The combination of the red and blue bulbs promote a healthy plant and increase its production of fruits or flowers. I like LED bulbs because of their longevity and this bulb does not disappoint with its 50,000 hours of life. I also like it does not give off heat. I am happy with the way the light preforms and have been working on bringing back to life my Rosemary that has been dormant in storage. I would recommend the LED Grow Light by Outtled.

The Outtled LED Grow Light can be purchased on Amazon at this link:

I received this as a complementary sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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