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Summer is a great time of the year for those yard and home improvement projects. The hardest part of any project is trying to stay within a budget which means not over buying the products for your projects. Correctly measuring is  key to ensuring you are not over spending on supplies. Lets face it everyone likes to save money. Suaoki D5 is just the tool to get the job done. This handy Laser Distance Meter has the ability to take a continuous measurement reading taking all the guess work out.

While some measuring devices are complicated to use this compact laser distance meter is basically a press and point unit. Another, great feature is this measuring device is only 4 inches long and about 1 1/2 inches wide. Small enough to fit in a pocket or tool box for those on the go. Though, you can use the lanyard to carry this meter too which you will find in the shipping box. Though, the LED screen is 1″ x 1″ large enough for most users to read easily. While most people when measuring manually make mistakes you can be assured that this laser distance meter will come within in 1/12 of an inch.

When operating this measuring device you will need to install the two AAA batteries that you will find in the shipping box. After installing the batteries you can switch between meters or feet/inches by holding down the red button.  Then press and point it this cannot be more simple to use.  However, its important to keep in mind that weather conditions can affect the reading.

While holding the laser distance meter it will give you a accurate reading.  However, by using a tripod you can ensure a even truer reading. On the back of the meter is a screw port that you can connect a tripod too. No more worrying if your measurements are accurate. Another, reason for using this device is you can get your own measurements without someone holding the other end of the measuring tape.

We liked this laser distance meter so much we teamed up with the seller to offer one to our followers. Click on the link below to enter. Good luck to everyone!

Product Specifications for Laser Distance Meter

  • Product Weight: 60g (w/o batteries)
  • Measuring Range: 0.65 – 65.61 ft.(0.2-20m)
  • Measuring Accuracy: +/- 0.078 in
  • Measuring Units: m/ft/in/ft+in
  • Laser Class: Class 2; 630 – 670 nm; <1 mW
  • Modes: continuous measurement
  • Measuring Start Point: from rear of unit

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