Laminator Hot/Cold Features

As my kids get older it becomes harder and harder to find something they do not already have or can use. Each year as their birthdays or the holidays approach I start thinking of what would make their lives easier. While talking to my oldest daughter the idea of a portable Laminator hot/cold features. The search was on for a easy to use Laminator.

What made me think of the Laminator as a gift? My daughter is a teacher and laminates a lot of the decorative items she buys so they will last longer. The school has a nice Laminator, but there are times she wants to get things done over the summer and can’t. I decided for her birthday I would buy her this Laminator just for those little jobs she can do at home.

This unit has both a cold and warm mode. Which means she can use heat to shrink the clear laminate sleeve over her projects. Or use a sticky or magnetic sheet that will just smooth out and adhere to her products. Also, this Laminator only takes less than 5 minutes to heat up which is a time saver. It also has a jam release if paper gets stuck inside of this unit.

Overall, this Laminator will be great for those smaller projects she wants to tactical.  This unit is not meant for larger projects, but is great for name tags, decorative pieces like hand-prints and pictures your kids draw. Also, this unit uses lamination sheets not rolls like larger machines.

When testing the Laminator, it heated up quickly in the 5-minute range. We had no issues with jamming paper, but we also only did a few items. We ran out of laminating sheets. I am not sure this one will hold up to continuous use without jamming, but these really are made for small projects. We used it for about 15 minutes straight with no issues. The laminating sheets are not overly expensive and with the convenience the cost is well worth it. She is very happy with this and has already ordered more laminating sheets!

The largest thing we laminated was standard size sheet of paper and the smallest items were cutouts about the size of a index card some half that size.  This Laminator would be great for parents who want to save little memos like drawings, hand-prints and so on as they children grow up too. I can see this becoming a very useful tool not only for school projects, but for things like bushiness cards, receipts, drawings and anything you need to preserve.  I would recommend this product without hesitation.



Laminator Technical Details

Brand Name:INTEY
ProductSize:13.6*5.7*2.6 inch
Working voltage:110-120V 60hz
Maximum width:9inch
Maximum thickness: 0.02inch



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