KWS Professional Mixer

I am like every other baker I want the best tools to get the best results. I was giving a wonderful opportunity to test the KWS M-B7 Commercial Stand Food Mixer. This mixer exceeded all of my expectations. I put this mixer to the test with some of my heaviest doughs, double and tripe batch recipes too. I have been a huge fan of the Kitchen Aid brand for years, but it just never was able to really work some of my heaviest doughs. Though, in all fairness I have the heavy duty Kitchen Aid not the New Professional series. I am only able to compare the KWS mixer to my heavy duty mixer.

The KWS mixer has a 7 quart stainless steel mixing bowl. It is a nice deep bowl that will hold large volumes of ingredients. The stainless steel bowl has a lock base that locks into the base of the mixer. Once you have locked in the bowl it will not come out until you unlock it. It has 20 variable speeds that is controlled with a dial knob that is easy to move slowly ahead or back as you need to adjust the speed for each recipe. The mixer has a lift head that is opened with a lift lever. The mixer comes with a pre-installed splatter shield that can be removed for cleaning. It also comes with three stainless steel attachments. A push button on and off switch as well as a heavy duty cord.

Each recipe that I tried turned out better than they ever have. My doughs glistened and had that nice smooth texture that comes from a proper kneading. The dough hook is longer and I believe that is what is giving that good stretch that the dough needs to become smooth and have that shiny appearance. The wire whisk is a oversized whisk that I found whipped up egg whites in mere seconds. The egg whites were fluffy and glisten the way a properly whipped egg white should be. The paddle blade stirs the batter without leaving any leftover flour bits on the bottom of the mixing bowl like other mixers often do. The attachments all worked in a impressive manner. These attachments also can be adjusted higher or lower if needed. This is something I have never seen before in a attachment.

Overall, I have to say that the KWS mixer far exceeded any and all expectations that I had. I am impressed with all of its functions as well as how it functioned. The KWS mixer is one sturdy mixer and it is made to last. The mixer housing is made of Anodized Aluminum. It is quieter than my other mixer. The KWS mixer housing is easy to clean as well as the bowl and the attachments. This mixer is large, but it fits on my countertop just fine. I would recommend the KWS mixer to anyone who likes to bake. Happy baking to you!

I received this product for free to test. My opinions are my honest and unbiased finding after testing this product. I have opinions have not been influenced by receiving this product for free.

The KWS M-B7 Commercial Stand Food Mixer can be purchased on Amazon.

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