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Kitchen Knives Set

Cooking is a everyday chore that either leaves us excited or dreading the upcoming meal we have to prepare. Adding a little color to our kitchens can serve two purposes. One purpose is it makes the room cheerful and the other it makes finding just the right tool easier. Vremi understands we need color in our-lives and their 10 Piece colorful Kitchen Knives Set adds a rainbow of colors. Most Kitchen Knives Sets on the market today are mostly the same dull black and sliver colors which does nothing to stir up our desire to get cooking.

The Vremi 10 piece kitchen knives set has 5 knives with their own matching colored sheath covers. The set has a serrated utility chef’s knife that is great for cutting bread, chopping nuts and so much more. The rest of the set contains a variety of paring knives the sizes range from a peeling knife to a full size chefs knife. Each of these knives can be used for cutting up vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese and more. Also, these knives peeling and chopping.

This colorful kitchen knives set is made of stainless steel that is been perfectly weighted for easier handling. The knives resistant stains and odors while cleaning up quickly with the non-stick coating. Also, not only will these knives stay sharp while you are cutting away, but they will not rust with proper care. Another great feature for those of you who like to mount your knives on magnet racks these knives will hang beautifully.

Ergonomic non slip handles make it safer for those with arthritis or other health issues that cause hand fatigue. A good knife should be comfortable to handle especially when peeling, slicing large or small fruits or vegetables. Also, the bright colors are easier to see when using also a great safety feature.

Each of these blades is BPA and Lead free. Simply hand washing these knives will extend their beautiful color and sharpness. Also, if you find you kitchen knives set is becoming slightly dull you can sharpen them occasionally.

Overall, this colorful kitchen knives set meet my expectations. Each of the knives performed as they should. Following the manufacturer recommendations I will only be hand washing and drying these knives before placing their matching sheaths on each knife.  As with any knife that is sharp take care when hand washing and drying. The colors are very cheerful and will brighten the time you spend in the kitchen. Who says working has to be boring or dull.

I found each of the knives to cut though various fruits and vegetables. So far I have not experienced any color coming off the blades or staining. I also have not seen any staining on the whites of the handles. Also, I find these kitchen knives to be easy to use even when cutting for extended periods of time. The knives are not to light nor too heavy.

I have not had to sharpen the knives so I cannot say how easier this will be. I do like that the sheaths cover the blades so reaching in a drawer is not dangerous for me or anyone looking for a knife. The sheaths are also easy to wash and to place on the knives. I am happy with this product and think you will be too.

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