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Kids Imaginative Tepee Playhouse

When it comes to make believe play or just learning how to play this special tepee will offer hours of playtime. A young child will not understand the meaning of the tepee, but as they get older it can also be a learning tool. Let your children’s imagination grow while sharing this tepee . Then watch them share these new experiences with their siblings, friends or family members.

The pop up Tepee is a quick and easy set up. It is light weight and can be moved around the room so its never in the way. The breathable fabric is made of a polyester and nylon which can be clean with a damp cloth. The front opening has two flaps that can be secured to stay open with Velcro straps on both sides of the opening.

The Tepee does pop open, but does not stay up with out the 4 fibre rods. These rods come together and you just twist them together to make the long pole. Along the bottom of the tepee you will find some reinforced pockets that the rods are placed into. All four of the fibre rods meet at the top of the tepee. This is the only area that is missing some reinforcement.

Another great feature of this tepee is that is a a playhouse that a child or children can grow with. It is large enough for most adults to sit in which means years of playtime. The tepee is about 47 inches in diameter and around 59 inches tall. Most children will be able to stand up and move around freely.

The colorful tepee is very appealing and inviting. The main color is yellow, then it has blues, red, green, black and brown used through out the various designs. There are images that go with the tepee theme such as a campfire, canoe and a pot.

The tepee has on large screened window in the back that allows for good air flow. The side window is completely open and large enough for a child to see out. However, the fabric itself is breathable these little touches makes the air flow freely. This is especially important if the child wants the flats closed.

The removable circle mat fits inside of the bottom of the tepee. This mat keeps the child from slipping on the nylon base of the tepee. It also gives additional warmth to the floor of the tepee. What is nice is the mats have different designs on each side. On the mat we have one side has the alphabet and the other side has animals and a tree with fruits.

Overall, I found this tepee to be a fantastic playhouse. When it comes to toys I believe they need to be entertaining while fostering imagination. There is nothing better than to learn while playing and this toy allows a older child to see how others lived.

My granddaughter is 9 months old and from the minute I put this up she wanted to go inside.  She was touching everything inside and out. The texture of fabric is soft and if she scratches her fingers it makes  soft sounds. She wanted to touch all the colors. The fibre rods stayed in their position even though she bumped them over and over. What was surprising was she wanted to play inside of the tepee and was crawling in and out.


The mat was also a source of entertainment for her. While the animals and tree were fun to look at I switched it back and forth so she would see both sides. I have found just like older children little ones get bored with the same pictures and toys. By switching the mat over it appears new each time until she remembers the pictures which I am sure will be a while.

I also like that we can take this tepee outside or use it indoors. I did not take it apart to carry it from room to room I just folded the bottom in half. However, if you want to pack it away or take it with you on a trip or to grandma’s it is easy to tear down and put back together in less than 10 minutes. It comes with its own storage bag including a separate bag  for the rods. I would recommend this product to all parents and grandparents. I would not hesitate to buy it again.

Product Specification : 
• Material: Polyester-nylon
• Weight: 1.7KG
• Size: 47.24*59in
• Folded size:45*45cm/16*1.3in


Parts Included:

1 x Kids Teepee Play Tent

4 x Fibre rods

Carry bag for fibre rods

Carry bag for kids play tent

Crawling mat



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