Jarv Advatage IPX7 Smart Watch

The Jarv Advatage IPX7 Smart Watch offers a little bit of everything. This smart watch is water resistant so is great for everyday wear. It has a large round watch face that is easy to read with its LED display. The smart watch charges in as little as 2 hours in its unique USB charger. The watch goes in face down into the watch holder then just plug the charger into any USB port. The smart watch has a 20×4 mm band that is made of silicone based rubber. The watch band can be changed out with any watch band that is 20×4 mm.

While charging you phone you can download the app called i-gotULife. This app is free and gives you access to graphs, charts, tools and setting to customize your smart watch to your needs. The Bluetooth connections is quick and easy to complete. The functions on this watch are quite amazing for this price range. There is an alarm that can be set up with 4 different alarms. This allows you to be able to set the alarm even for afternoon naps or important meetings. The smart watch can count the steps you take, keeps track of the calories you are burning and helps track your overall fitness. This smart watch has a UV index monitor that keeps track of the sun’s UV rays reminding you to put on sunscreen or sunglasses. Not sleeping well at night the smart watch can monitor you sleep habits. It tracks deep to light sleep including dreaming. The watch also allows you to set the sleep setting for naps too to keep your records accurate.

The Jarv Advatage IPX7 Smart Watch does not stop there. It also lets you know when you are more than 30 feet from your phone. It will notify you when you receive a text so you do not have to carry you phone all around the house. One really nice thing is if you are out and about, put your phone down and walk away the watch will notify you. No more losing or misplacing your phone. You can monitor your Social Media post from the smart watch too. It has a calendar that allows you to have important dates at your fingertips. The smart watch does not allow you to answer your phone, but it does allow you to decline a call.

Overall, the Jarv Advatage IPX7 Smart Watch is quite impressive for its price point and all of the functions it offers. The 10 day battery life is fantastic too. There are a few things missing with this smart watch. It does not have a touch screen function it only has the one button, which at this price point is acceptable. The other drawback is the app has to stay open which drains the phones battery. I do like that I can customize the smart watch to my lifestyle. The easy quick charging is also nice. I would have to say it smart watch is well worth owning. I would recommend the Jarv Advatage IPX7 Smart Watch without hesitation!

The Jarv Advatage IPX7 Smart Watch can be found on at this link:

I received this as a complementary sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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