Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer – Dual Probe

I know I have become distracted when cooking to only find the meat they were grilling has turned into a burnt charcoal brick or a piece of leather. Which is why I know how important having a good thermometer really is. The Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer is portable unit that goes where you go no more worrying about becoming distracted and finding you dinner ruined. I was offered an opportunity to test a sample of the wireless cooking thermometer and with summer looming around the corner.

I was surprised when the wireless cooking thermometer arrived to see it came with two meat probes. Also included was a handheld receiver that has push button controls and a remote transmitter. There were 2 grill clips and 1 pocket or belt clip. Also, included with the cooking thermometer set was an instruction sheet with the directions written in English.
When reading the instructions sheet I found the instructions slightly confusing. . It is not to say that I was unable to operate the thermometer it is just that it took a few times to get it right. The handheld remote has a few different function buttons which are hi or low, taste, meat, light, audio, set and the option to choose Celsius or Fahrenheit. The handheld remote and the transmitter each take 2 AAA that are not included. The transmitter functions are clearly marked on the back. There is an on/off button, a Celsius or Fahrenheit button as well as a 1 and 2. The 1 and 2 are the probe plug in locations which makes it easy to know what reading is for what meat.

Overall, I was pleased to see that the thermometer. Some features make this thermometer standout such having the ability to read temperatures from up to 325 feet away. The backlit screen on the handheld receiver makes reading the temperature easier especially in those people with poor eyesight. There are 15 preloaded meat settings to choose from that cover all 6 of the everyday meat cuts and 9 wildlife cuts. Having the two probes to monitor two different meat cuts is really nice. That way if I want my steak to be cooked less and my husband wants his cooked more I can set temps to satisfy both of our tastes. The 2 hybrid probes are heat resistant so I have no worries about them becoming destroyed by the grilling or other cooking process. It is easy to can change between the Celsius and Fahrenheit with a push of a button. The grill clips help to keep the probes in place. The belt clip is nice if I don’t have any pockets to carry the handheld remote in. Another great feature is I do not have to push buttons to see the temperature constantly like other brands. The temps are displays in real time. There is a loud audible alarm to let me know when the meat has reach the desired temperature. Also, if I go out of range for more than one minute I will be notified with an audible signal. What I didn’t like about this wireless thermometer is the directions they are not as clear as they should be. Also, my temperatures were off by at least 9 degrees. I also wish that the thermometer had a way to recalibrate the discrepancies in the temperatures. I still am happy overall with the thermometer. There are a few flaws, but most of them can be compensated for. I would recommend the Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer.


The Ivation Extended Range Wireless Cooking Thermometer can be found on Amazon.

I received this for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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