InnoGear MT-057 Solar Lights

I am a big fan of solar powered products for a number of different reasons, but most importantly they keep my electric bill down while providing me with a continuous service. Why not harness the free sun power to light up your yard? The InnoGear MT-057 Solar Lights are great for lighting up your landscape, a walkway, a door way or any place you would like to illuminate. The InnoGear solar lights are sold in a 2 pack.

The solar lights are made of ABS plastic which is made to withstand rain, extreme weather changes including hot and cold temperatures. The solar lights can be mounted on the wall or placed in the ground. There are three different parts to the solar lights the solar panel, 4 LED light bulbs and an 8” plastic ground stake. The solar panel has a capacity of 5.5 Volts and 1.5 Watts which recharges with the #18650 lithium battery that is included. The solar panel requires an 8 hours of continuous sunlight exposure to fully charge. When fully charged you can expect to receive about 6 hours of continuous light at full brightness and 8 hours at low brightness. At full brightness the lights give off 200 lumens. These lights come on automatically turn on at dusk and off at daylight. To adjust the lights intensity there is a switch located on the back of the solar panel for high or low light.

The solar lights are adjustable up to 90 degrees which allowed me to adjust the light beam to cover the area I needed. The solar lights produce a wide beam of light that spreads over a surprising wide area. The beam of light floods an area of approximately 14 feet wide by 12 feet tall. I found the illuminating light appears to be from a LED cool white bulb which gives that slight blue-ish tint to the light. The solar light come with everything I needed to install it either on a wall or in the ground. No tools are required with the ground installation. The sun is a free energy source that will allow me to charge my solar lights all the while knowing that the lights will work even in a power outage. Keeping my yard illuminated in my opinion deters someone from attempting to break in and the InnoGear solar lights give me the extra security I want. I am impressed with the amount of light that these solar light give off. My only issue is finding the right spot for them to charge for 8 hours. I would recommend the InnoGear MT-057 Solar Lights.

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I received this as a complementary sample in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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