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No matter if you have curly or straight hair some hair styles need a little extra help to look their best. The straight hair styles today always look better when using a good hair straightener. The Infrared flat iron hair straightener by xtava is just the right type of iron that can take all hair types from looking good to amazing.

What is so different about this Infrared flat iron hair straightener? The first thing is the infrared heating technology that heats the hair from the inside to the outside. When heating the hair from the inside to the outside you are causing less damage to the hair follicles. Also, using infrared technology brings the oils from the inside of the hair shaft to the other hair shaft locking in moisture. It will also keep your style looking great longer even in humid weather.

Next, the Infrared flat iron hair straightener has two floating plates. The floating plates are 2 inches and are made of ceramic. But even though these plates are larger than some they are made for all hair lengths and types. Also, the wider plates will help to tame thicker hair better than the thinner plate straighteners. Another great thing about the wider floating plates is they maintain the heat better.

Also, you will find this straightener heats up quickly in just about 90 seconds.  It also, has a auto shut off after 60 minutes of none use. There are 10 temperature settings and it has universal dual voltage. A bonus heat resistant travel case is included.

The LCD digital display show the temperatures that range from 265 F – 445 F. Most users know what temperature works best with there hair type. However, the recommendation for fine or delicate hair you start between 265 F – 300 F.  Normal hair types between 300 F – 380 F. Then for the highest settings for thick and coarse hair the temperature setting will work best at 380 F – 445 F.


Overall, I found this Infrared flat iron hair straightener to work as it stated. The straightener heated up in about 90 seconds at 300 F, I did find it took a few more minutes to reach the higher temps. The 8 foot swivel cord is very nice and it allowed me to not have to keep stopping to unwind or to change positions to reach other sections of my hair.

I noticed my hair was shiny after straightening. Also, the style seemed to stay longer even on some of the hottest days of this summer. I experienced no hair damage. I have straight, short and thick but thin hair follicles. When using the straighteners I tested all temperature setting on the low end of each hair type. I found that 380 F worked best for me. I am completely happy with this Infrared flat iron hair straightener.

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