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Infantino Alphabet Color Learning Lady Bug

When it comes to young children the sooner they are introduced to information the faster they learn. Retaining the learned concepts is easier for them with repetitive play. Another thing to keep in mind is that sounds and lights all keep children engaged at a early age.  Infantiono understands that engaging a young child will help them to grow as life long learners. There newest toy the Lady Bug is a entertaining and educational.

The Infantiono’s lady bug is just the toy that teaches while keeping it fun and entertaining. There are 4 songs, 93 words and phrases. Children will be delighted with 14 fun sound effects. The letters are easy to see and colorful. While the lady bug is large enough for the child to play with it is lightweight and easy for them to carry.  There are 4 extra large buttons that are great for the younger child.



Infantino Alphabet & Colors Learning Beetle

The wings on the lady bug open up to reveal the alphabet labeled buttons. While there are quizzes about the different colors and letters it is still a good interactive toy for children as young as 6 months all the way up through their toddler years. Learning should be fun and this toy does just that.

The colorful lady bug uses 2 AA batteries that are included. However this toy is so much fun that that if your child is like my grand daughter you will need to keep extra batteries around. When she likes a toy she likes to push the buttons over and over which can wear the batteries down. So far these are holding up to continuous use and its been over a week.


Overall, I am impressed with the activities that my granddaughter can grow with. When she pushes on the letters they say the letter and if she pushes again its says the color. The big buttons on the wings of the lady bug are the easiest for her to push at 9 months. Though, she just loves the face, head and antennas on the lady bug.

I sat with her and we played for a long time before she moved on to the next toy. I did leave it out and she kept going back to touch the buttons and the face. The giggles were the best when the face lite up. The colors, sounds and lights are very engaging for a young child. I would recommend this toy!




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