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Hoover REACT Plus Vacuum


When it comes to keeping my carpets clean I need a powerful vacuum that can not only reach the deep down dirt, but handle the dog hair. With two large dogs,  dirt and dog hair is one battle that most vacuums can not handle in one round of cleaning. The Hoover REACT  Vacuum design has taken into consideration the cleaning needs that household face everyday. Due to the multiple floor types we have through out our homes the Hoover REACT Vacuum can handle them all.

The floor sensing technology allows you to go from carpet to wood back to carpet and to tile all without stopping to adjust the power-head.  What this technology has is the ability to adjust the power-head (brush roller) speed to optimize its cleaning performance. I did notice that after vacuuming a thick carpeted room and transitioning into a low pile carpet the vacuum switched to floor mode. I was able to quickly turn off the sensor and turn it back on. After it was turned back on it worked in the carpet mode with no more issues.

The design of the powered lift system gives the user more freedom when cleaning. This allows the user to clean areas without having to remove or move furniture around. Another great feature is when detaching main canister you can  easily use it to clean furniture.  While using the power-head brush under the same piece of furniture.

The vacuum comes with all of the tools you will need to reach all of those hard to reach places. The wind tunnel surge is what actually picks up all the debris, dust, dirt and most of all the pet hair. The no loss of suction feature keeps the vacuum from losing its powerful suction while allowing for continuous use. There is also a app that you can download to customize your own cleaning needs. While monitoring your vacuums performance for any issues. The app also provides you with tips and tricks for getting the most out of your new vacuum.

The Hoover REACT vacuum provides a 13 inch cleaning path. The vacuum weighs around 18 pounds, but maneuvers nicely around corners, under furniture and across my various floors.  All though, due to the vacuum being on the  heavier side carrying up and down stairs is not going to be easy for most people.  The collection system is sealed and can stop up to 99% of dust and allergens.

What I found when using the Hoover REACT vacuum was how strong the suction really was. I could feel the carpet lifting as the dirt was pulled from deep in the carpet. The detachable main canister is easy to detach and keeps working. Another great feature is when the main canister is detached you can still use the brush roller to vacuum under the furniture.

I like that there is a convenient suction lever on the handle. This allows me to raise or lower the suction to not only make it more efficient for cleaning, but it also reduces the drag when pushing. When changing the brush speed for hardwood floors the vacuum is able to pick up the smallest of particles. Another nice feature is when emptying the canister there are less cracks and crevices for dirt to stick too. The bin door also has no holes for dirt collect on which allows all of the dirt and debris to fall out. No more reaching into the canister to pull out all that nasty dirt and dog hair.

I do love the maneuverability of this vacuum and how smoothly it can move around corners and furniture. It is easy to see how well the suction is working as the canister fills up.  The FloorSense technology works by adjusting the roller brush speed for a optimal cleaning experience. No more dirt and dog hair scattering across the floor because I forgot to switch to hardwood floor mode.  The sealed allergen systems prevents all of the small partials from blowing back into the air.

The only complaint I have is  that the hose it is way to short in my opinion. Also, when using the hose it wants to retract so it means I am pulling on it all the time. The hose really needs to be longer to make cleaning the ceiling, stairways or other out of reach areas easier to reach.  Other than this small inconvenience I found the Hoover REACT Powered Reach Plus Vacuum preformed very well. It tackled the dog hair and dirt on the first pass. I am really happy with this vacuum and would recommend it to my family and friends.



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