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High Impact Gun Case

Having an high impact gun case is important to protect your firearm. Safety is also a concern and should not be taken lightly.  These types of cases are important for protecting and keeping your family safe.  Though, what is nice about this case is it can be used as a storage case for just about anything you want to protect.

This case is constructed of high impact ABS black plastic. The inside has a thick foam insert that cushions the contents. Another great thing about the foam is its mold-able to insure your contents stay secure and in place. Though, you are able to customize your foam to meet your needs.

The case has two locks which allows you to add 1 or 2 padlocks. The locks are on the outside of the handle so they are not in the way when transporting the case. By the handle you will find a pressure relief value also to make the case air tight. The valve releases when the case is opened.

This case can withstand 2000 pounds of pressure without damaging the contents. Another great point is it is resistant to dropping and stacking damage. While most gun cases are not water or moisture resistant this case can withstand being in 1 meter of water up to 30 minutes. But the case must be closed tightly to withstand being submerged.

This high impact gun case outside dimensions are 10.63’’ long x 9.45’’ wide x 4.9’’ high. The inside dimensions are 8.27’’ long x 6’’ wide x 3.54’’ high. While this case is known as a gun case it makes a great camera case. It could also be used for small breakable items that you want to protect at home or traveling.  

Since this case is waterproof up to 30 minutes this would be great for boating. By placing your cellphone, keys, wallet or other essentials inside you will not have to worry about anything becoming wet. I am not sure if this will float. But add a floating device and you will always have a dry phone to call for help if you would need help.

These kinds of high impact gun cases are a necessity if you are a gun owner. But they are so much more and worth having one handy for other uses. This case shuts tightly and is lightweight even with the contents. The handle is comfortable to hold on to and carry. When opening the case you can hear the air release so it is easy to know its air tight. I did not test the case under water. Though, with it tight air tight seal I am confident it will keep my valuables safe. I would recommend this high impact gun case.




Watertight at 1 meter for up to 30 minutes



High Impact Resistant ABS Plastic
Pick and Pull Customized Foam
Purge knob with O-Ring
Two Padlock Hasps
Compound latches

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