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High-Density EVA Foam Yoga Blocks

Healthy lifestyles that include exercising is beneficial to the whole body. It seems a new form of exercising pops up every 6 months or so, there are some that have been around for years. Yoga continues to grow in popularity with all ages and genders. A great product for novice to expert  yogi is the high-density EVA foam Yoga blocks. Also, the High-Density EVA Foam Yoga Blocks are portable and lightweight. These blocks can be used for multiple exercising activities.

These High-Density EVA Foam Yoga Blocks are made of Eco-friendly materials. There are two yoga blocks with each measuring 9″ x 6″ x 3″ and weigh 7.05 ounces. Also, the blocks are sized just right to provide you with additional support when using them for exercising, yoga, strengthening muscles, balancing and other stretching exercising.  Another great thing is that all members of your family can use the blocks if you like to share.

The High-Density EVA Foam Yoga Blocks are slip-resistant and will stay in place during use. Also, they have rounded edges for added comfort. Another, great feature is they are made of a moisture-proof material that will prevent bacteria growth or mold. Cleaning the blocks is as easy as washing them with a mild soap and rising, then drying.

Overall, the 2 pack yoga blocks are great for all forms of exercise, but if you are into Yoga these will be indispensable to your daily practice. Also, you will find the 8.2 feet long cotton yoga strap with D-ring can be adjusted to fit all your needs.

The blocks come in two different color choices and the strap is black. The High-Density EVA Foam Yoga Blocks are two toned for a unique look. Also, the blocks are large enough to be used as a seat during meditation.  However I found it was more comfortable to put the blocks together, but with a slight space in the center.

The carrying bag makes taking the blocks and strap to the gym or yoga class convenient. I have been using the blocks to strength my back to help with aching. What is nice is the blocks stack on top of each other very well allowing me to adjust the height to fit my needs. I would recommend these yoga blocks to anyone who is looking to improve flexibility, exercise more, learn yoga or just improve your overall health.


High-Density EVA Foam Yoga Blocks

-Non-slip, non-toxic and eco-friendly
-Comfortable seat for meditation
-Reduce injury and muscle strain
-Improve overall flexibility at any practice level
-Build your confidence with the yoga blocks
-Lightweight, Moisture-Proof


Package Includes:
2 x Yoga Blocks
1 x Yoga Strap
1 x Carrying Bag


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