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Hand-cast Professional Non-Stick Pan

Do you ever see a recipe and it looks so good that you want to make it right away. Then you make it and it does not turn out anything like the picture. In most cases its the kitchen tools you are using. Anyone can cook like a professional with just the right tools. Spending extra money on the right cookware should be top priority. This hand-cast professional non-stick pan by Ozeri is a good example of the right cookware. When it comes to a non-stick pan most of us think of those thin pans and peeling coating. With this hand-cast professional non-stick pan you will see something totally different.

What makes this hand-cast professional non-stick pan the best pan on the market today? Because this pan is hand-cast in Germany and has 4-ply sealed ceramic coating applied. This coating is hardened which means a true scratch resistance surface. Also, it does not contain any APEO, PFOA, NMP, NEP, and BPA in its formula. In the news we hear that non-stick surfaces contain chemicals that are harmful to our families through cooking and breathing. There are no worries with the Ozeri non-stick professional pan it does not contain any fluorinated chemicals.

Also, the durable aluminum core has been treated with a magnetized anise 430 layer which means it can be used with induction stoves. The heat-resistant handle has a under-coating. This pan is also oven safe up to 500 degree’s Fahrenheit.  The interior of the pan has a rounded surface which gives a larger cooking surface than a normal 10 inch pan.

Overall, the Ozeri hand-cast professional non-stick pan is the type of pan that will turn everyone into a good cook. Also, this pan is not a light non-stick pan that most of us are used too, no this on has some heft. Because this pan is made of cast it hold the heat like cast iron. It is thick and takes a few minutes to heat up, but once it does it maintains the heat like cast iron. But this pan is easier to maintain and clean unlike other pans.

Another, nice feature is this hand-cast professional non-stick pan is 100 % hand-cast and made in Germany. Home and restaurant quality that any cook would be proud to own. Also, I like that this pan can go into the oven and finish off my dish or just keep it warm. The handle is made to not hold heat too. Also, there is less clean up when the pan can do double duty.   

Nothing sticks to this surface with use a small amount of oil or butter. Eggs slide out, grilled cheese sandwiches have a crispy brown covering, and even meat cooks great. The only fault I can find with this pan is it does not come in other sizes I like it that much. This hand-cast professional non-stick pan has become my favorite pan. I hope it will be yours too.


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Hand-cast professional non-stick pan

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