Garden Hose & Water Nozzle 

Convenience and space saving is something that everyone looks for in yard implements.  When it comes to yard tools we all have those piles that really we do not know what to do with especially at the end of the season. With the new style of expandable garden hose homeowners can save a lot of space. Talk about convenience and easy to use yard tools. The MATCC garden hose & water nozzle is newly designed and just the type yard tool I was looking for.

This new style of garden hose expands up to 3 times of its original size. That means you store a 17 foot hose instead of 50 foot. Also, you will see the hose return to its original size with in seconds after turning off the water. Another great feature of this expandable garden hose is it does not tangle, kink or twist up like the old rubber hoses.  Compact and easy to store.

The other covering over the garden hose is a nylon knit like material. On each end of the hose you will find brass connectors. Also, on one end there is a shut off value. Water pressure when using this hose should range between 43 and 87 PSI. This means even those like me with well water can use this type of hose with no issue.

Also, water pressure is not the only issue when using any garden hose. Operating hose below 41 F or above 113 F can cause your hose to fail. Never store this hose or leave out in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Also, do not allow anyone to stand on or lay anything heavy on the hose with its is in use. Always drain your hose completely before storing.

Included with this garden hose is a garden nozzle with 8 adjustable patterns. Also, you will find all brass connectors which will help with normal corrosion. The nozzle is zinc alloy with metal handle. The handle also has a rubberized coating to reduce slipping and to make it more comfortable to hold. To adjust spray patterns you just need to twist the front of the sprayer. When adjusting water flow there is a knob to twist. Another nice bonus is the net storage bag and extra rubber seals.

Overall, this garden hose with garden nozzle is very easy to use. When I first opened the package I had to unwind the hose to straight it out which is normal for all of these types of hoses. Once water is ran threw the hose is easier to roll up and place in its storage bag. Draining the hose takes a few minutes to insure all the water is removed. I personally wait a half hour to a hour before rolling it up to make sure the inside of the hose is water free. The hose expands quickly as the water flows.

The garden sprayer offers a lot of spray patterns that are useful to our needs. You can spray a nice pattern of water over a garden or flower bed. Then you can spray patterns to give your dog a bath before switching to another pattern to wash of the driveway. Even washing your vehicle or sports equipment can be done with your pattern choice. It is very easy to switch between the different spray patterns all with a twist of the nozzle head. The nozzle is comfortable to hold and the trigger handle squeezes easily.

When storing this garden hose it takes up very little space unlike the old rubber hoses. The black outer shell of the hose is easy to see in the grass so I do not have to worry about running it over with the mower if we forget to pick it right up. It is really amazing to watch the hose fill up with water from its little state into this long hose. We are using this hose in our travel trailer since it takes up little space it allows up to have room for the other things we want to take along. I am completely happy with this garden hose with water nozzle.




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