Flannel Microfiber Sherpa Flannel Throw Blanket

Curling up with just the right blanket can do more than just keep you warm. It can be a stress reliever, a source of comfort or a way to begin or end a day. But just any blanket will not do when it come to curling up for me. A good flannel microfiber or Sherpa throw blanket is just the type of blanket to fit all these special moments.

Moonen has two different throw blankets that give a different appearance and feel. The first blanket is a flannel microfiber blanket that is made of 100% microfiber Polyester. It is so fluffy and soft that it is great for cuddling. This throw blanket is just the right thickness for all year round. It provides warmth, but even on a rainy cool summer night it does not get overly hot.

The dark blue Navy and Burgundy Red are rich deep colors with the Grey being more of a softer color. Also, you will find this soft blanket in a variety of sizes. Each of the colors are available in 50 x 60, 60 x 80, 90 x 90 and 90 x 108 inches. Another great feature of these blankets is that most of these throw blankets are know to have shedding issues. But not Moonen’s blankets they have used a technique that has allows for less shedding of their blankets.

Easy to clean, machine washable in cold water and dry on low or air dry. Shrink and wrinkle resistant. After washing the throw blanket held its shape and no color fading.

The Moonen Sherpa throw blanket is fluffy, lightweight and hypoallergenic. One side of this blanket has the soft microfiber material and the other side has the Sherpa white fluffy material. But do not think this blanket is something you cannot use year round, its lightweight enough to be used for all seasons. Cuddling up with this blanket will become one of your favorite daily rituals.

This soft luxurious blanket comes in same rich colors as the flannel throw blanket. Deep dark blue Navy, Grey and Burgundy Red. Also, the sizes available in 50 x 60 and 60 x 80 inches. Easy to clean using a gentle cycle and cold water. Air dry or tumble dry on a low heat. Shrinking is not a problem if you dry using the low heat setting on your dryer.

Overall, I found both of these throw blankets to be durable, soft and a nice addition to my home. The colors are great for all decors either as accent colors or as part of the main room colors. I found that these throw blankets were perfect for the various temperature conditions I tested them in. Curling up with a hot coffee on a chilly early morning the blankets provided that extra warmth. When the air conditioning is running sometimes it feels a little chilly to me and both of these blankets were just the right choice to cuddle up with.

What is nice about these throw blankets is I can take them along on a trip and they are not overly big or bulky like a regular blanket. I like that I can use these blankets as a decorative element by laying it over the back of a chair or sofa. Keeping it within reach for anyone in the household to use.

After washing I experienced no color fading or transferring. The blankets did not lose their shape or shrink. The flannel throw dried faster than the Sherpa blanket. But I expected the blankets would dry differently with the added Sherpa material. I have noticed no shedding and the fabric seems to be holding up great to daily use. Each of the blankets have a nice finished edge. All the stitching is straight and has the right tension so no puckering. I would recommend these throw blankets.



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