Every women needs to have fashionable scarves in her wardrobe.  Scarf’s can not only make a fashion statement, but can take a just so so outfit over the top. Women want to look their best. But they also like the warmth that scarves can offer them on a cold or windy day. Maybe your office is breezy or your co-workers like it colder than you. This is when a scarf is the perfect way to warm up. But not all scarves are meant to warm you some are more for style.

The Pop Fashion brand has wide variety of Fashionable scarves and all at affordable prices. These scarves range from the sheer wrap designs to the chunky infinity scarves. Fashionable scarves in every color or combination you will want to add that extra style to your wardrobe. While these scarves are fashionable they are also functional. Whether you are looking for added warmth or style you will want to look at what Pop Fashion has to offer.

The pink sheer scarf is the kind of scarf that will take you from the office to the beach. It can be worn year round as a scarf, but it is large enough to become a wrap. This scarf measures 33 inches wide x 74 inches long and weights a mere 7 ounces. While the wrap is light weight it will still give you that little extra coverage on a cool summer night.

Soft and lightweight is what this beautiful Brocade wrap scarf provides you. This oversize wrap or shawl can be used in a various ways. Adding this wrap to a sweater will not only give you style, but give you added warmth when you need it. Another nice feature about this wrap is it is available in 12 different colors so you can buy more than one and add more style to your wardrobe. The edges of this scarf/wrap are frayed for extra design element.

As the weather gets colder we all need something just a little bit thicker. The thick knit infinity scarves are just the scarf you will need to keep you toasty warm. While this scarf is only 12 inches long it gives you that fashionable look while covering your most vulnerable areas to cold. These multi colorful scarves can go from office attire to casual with just a few wardrobe changes. Though, this scarf is shorter than other infinity this knit scarf has a great deal of stretch to it.

If you are still not sure about the knit infinity scarf being long enough then then the large knit scarf is longer and similar in style. Another great thing about this thick large knit infinity scarf it comes in a washable 100% Acrylic design. It also is available in 8 solid colors.

Long Solid Colored Sheer Knit

  • 33″ Wide / 74″ Long
  • Weight 7 ounces
  • Clothes for women
  • Fashion scarf
  • Knit scarf
  • Womens accessories
  • Fashion scarf

Soft Brocade Wrap Shawl Blue

  • 51″ Wide / 54″ Long
  • Viscose and polyester blend
  • Paisley Brocade
  • Soft, lightweight fabric
  • Bright fun colors


Thick Knit Infinity Scarf

This amazing knit circle scarf features:

  • Soft, lightweight fabric
  • Infinity scarf design
  • Hidden zipper pocket
  • Bright fun colors


Thick Large Knit Infinity scarf

This amazing knit circle scarf features:

  • Soft, lightweight fabric
  • Infinity scarf design
  • Adds warmth
  • Bright fun colors


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