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Estarer Laptop Backpack

With the holidays fast approaching we are even busier than we normally are. Working on the go or just having everything we need in one place can save us a lot of time.  The Estarer brand understands what we need in a laptop backpack. This is why I choose the Estarer laptop backpack they understand my needs.

Estarer laptop backpack is a dark grey color which is appealing to all genders. The backpack is made of a sturdy canvas material. It measures 12.2″ x 4.7″ x 17.7″ which is large enough to hold a 17-17.3 inch laptop. The back of the bag has a breathable layer to keep the user comfortable.

This backpack bag gives the user the option to carry the bag with its leather handles. If you want to use it as a backpack there are two adjustable straps. What I found useful about these straps that no other bag has offered is a elastic band and a pocket. The elastic band is great for holding a pair of sunglasses. The pocket that is built into the strap is great for ID especially for students who may need to have their ID handy.

The zipper with leather pulls goes across the top and down both sides to allow the laptop backpack to open widely. On the inside you will find a iPad pocket, 2 small pockets to hold a pocket calendar, calculator or smartphone and 1 large mesh pocket to hold books, a tee-shirt or anything you want.  Then you will see a large middle space to hold your laptop or if you want clothing.

Everywhere you look in this Estarer laptop backpack you will see compartments. These compartments vary in size. But there are pockets to hold pens, chargers, cords, SD cards, USB sticks, wallets and credit cards. The side pockets are small, but are large enough to hold most water bottles. Another special feature on this backpack is a zipper pocket on the back bottom of the bag to keep valuables out of sight.

Overall, this Estarer laptop backpack is not just for students it is the perfect bag for anyone who is on the go. We live the busiest lives and many people need to be able to work whenever they have spare time. Students are not the only people carrying laptop backpacks anymore.

By keeping the design neutral and in a trendy classic fashion the backpack is great for all ages too. There are so many features that this laptop backpack offers that others are lacking in. Offering the bonus compartments and little features like the strap pocket and band make this bag above the rest. Also, with the sturdy canvas materials you can be assured it will hold up to the daily use.

One thing I am finding is the Estarer laptop backpack is fitting all of my needs. I like that I can keep it packed and its ready when I need it.  Another thing I like about this backpack is even when its packed full its easy to carry the weight distributes evenly.

These products were offered to me at a discount. My views on them are not biased based on that. I would only recommend products I love and are comfortable recommending.





Multi-purpose compartment and pockets:

  • 17 inch laptop compartment with Velcro closed and padded.
  •  iPad compartment
  •  other main compartment for binders, A4 files, books, notebooks, clothes and so on
  • (2) open pockets for small notebook or wallet
  •  mesh pocket for your passport or other small daily accessories
  • front compartment for daily used accessories : charger, power banker, USB, pens, cables, external hard drive, power-line, keys, wallet, earphones and so on
  • (2) zipper closed pockets for frequently access goods.
  • two  adjustable side pockets for umbrella or water-bottle
  •  mesh zipper closed rear pockets for your value good

Backpack Feature:

  • secure zippers of high quality
  • Top loop handle for a secure hold
  • mesh padded shoulder straps ease your shoulder pressure
  • Breathable back padding offer extra back support and comfort

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