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Estarer Diaper Backpack

Babies need a lot of supplies when you are out and about. Sometimes it feels like I am packing for a trip instead of just running to the store or visiting. When it comes to diaper bag I want something that I can grab and go. Something that is easy to carry and has room for all the things we will need. The Estarer Diaper Backpack has all the storage any parent will every need.

Some diaper bags are very pretty, but not practical. These pretty types of diaper bags are also on the feminine side. While that is fine for most of us our husbands might like a more neutral design. The Estarer diaper backpack is practical and has a neutral design. This diaper backpack looks more like a backpack then a diaper bag. Which will appeal to all ages.

The Estarer diaper backpack comes in a neutral grey color. The design looks more like a regular backpack not a standard diaper bag. Which is something that will appeal to the dads and grandpa’s who will be carrying the bag. Actually, this backpack could be used as a backpack after your child has grown up.

Some of the features that stand out for me are the insulated pockets. These pockets allow me to carry bottles or food without worrying about them spoiling. There are 3 pockets with insulation on the in the main selection. But you will find there are many other pockets 13 in total throughout this backpack. While most of the pockets are inside of the backpack, but you will find a handy pocket on the back for cell phones or wallet and a few others on the outside.

The Estarer diaper backpack measures 18.7″ x 12.3″ x 2.1″ and has a slim design. The exterior of the backpack is made of polyester and is water resistant. The interior of the backpack is made of a soft polyester lining that is also moisture resistant. All the fabric in this bag is easy to clean with a quick wipe of a damp cloth.

Overall, the Estarer diaper backpack is quite surprising. It can be carried as a bag or tossed over your shoulder for a hands free carry. Also, this bag has pockets for everything which keeps everything organized for quick retrieval. Lets face it with little ones we need to be able to grab what we need quickly. While this backpack is a slim design it holds more essential items than other diaper bags I have.

Another feature that I like has to be the Estarer diaper backpack offers me pockets that are insulated. I do not have to worry about taking long a cooler to keep the bottles safe to drink. Having a total of 13 pockets on top of all the other storage makes this backpack one that will fit the needs of the family on the go. There is enough room for extra clothes for more than one baby too. Also, the Estarer diaper backpack is easy to carry and with the mesh back cover I do not get overheated while carrying it.


While this product was offered to me at a discount. My views on them are not biased based on that. I would only recommend products I love and are comfortable recommending.


  •  main compartment
  • front compartment includes
    • 3 insulated bottle pockets
    • 2 slots
    • 2 small pockets
    • 1 zipper pocket
  •  rear small top pocket
  • 2 side tissue pockets
  •  zipper closed pocket on the front wall backpack


  • reinforced
  • stitching
  • smooth
  • double zippers
  • padded breathable mesh back
  • adjustable shoulder strap


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