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When it comes to entertaining or making those special treats for our loves ones we want everything to be perfect. The problem is either we just do not have the time it takes or we have no idea where to start. Luckily, I found the products that can make all of us pros in no time and entertaining a breeze.


The first thing that always make me shy away from using decorative frosting is the frosting bags. The paper ones you have to make them just right. Taping and folding takes a lot time and I always end up having to start over way too much. Another, thing is filling the bags. They have clear plastic bags that remember of a sandwich bag. While if you fill these other bags to much they split causing a huge mess. All of those problems have been solved with this silicone pipping bag.


This blue silicone pastry bag is durable and flexible unlike other similar bags. The interior of bag is smooth to allow the filling to slide easily through the bag. The exterior of the bag has a textured covering to make holding and squeezing a breeze.  This pastry bag can be used with any type of tip or alone. You can use the pastry bag for filling cupcakes, frosting, whipped topping and so much more.



If you want to surprise your family and friends with a special cupcake the cake corer is just the thing to get you going. The plastic corer allows you to push down on the already baked cupcake and remove the core. You can decide how deep the holes will be by press more or less.  The cake stays in the corer and you can push it out. Then you can cut off the top and place it over the filling.


How do you get the filling in the cupcakes neatly and professionally? By using the silicone pastry bag or by any other method you want to use. While I prefer the pastry bag for the easy filling from my testing of this pastry bag. The plastic corer is easy to clean and store. The cake corer is a little over 2 1/4 inches and a little under an inch in diameter.

If you are like me my frosting is never the same. It’s either too soft and fluffy regular tips leave no dimension. Or the frosting is so thick it will not go through the tips. I came across the perfect recipe for frosting and it turns out soft and fluffy. Which has the right consistency every time.


However, with this frosting my regular frosting tips were just not working. These buttercream frosting tips were just what I need. The tips give my cupcakes, cakes and doughnuts that airy fluffy appearance that looks like a cloud. Another thing I love is the swirls that can be made by lifting the tip and pulling up. Or swirling the tip around the cupcake or cake.

Each of these items can be used alone, but when put together they turn a normal cupcake or cake into some extraordinary. Entertaining your family and friends with your new talents will have them praising your talents. I personally can’t wait to make some cupcakes filled with some fruits, custards and creams. The swirl that fluffy creamy frosting to resemble Christmas trees. I am already thinking of all the cupcakes I can make using these new found products.


However, do not let your imagination stop there. Use the pastry bag to fill doughnuts, strawberries, deviled eggs or to decorate pancakes or waffles for the kids. If you make petit four just think how easy it would be to use the cupcake corer to make round cakes. The frosting tip could be used to not only decorate your cakes, cupcakes and doughnuts. However, do not stop there try filling your deviled eggs or twice baked potatoes making them appear special and elegant. Who knew entertaining could be so much fun with just some simple tools.


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