Lets be honest fried foods are so good and hard to resist. Though, many of us are trying to eat healthier, but still need our fried food fix. The electric air fryer has come to the rescue. With the new larger sizes of air fryers we can get the crispy crunch we like without all the added fat and grease, while feeding our families.

Today’s technology has allow us to go from the large convection ovens to these smaller counter top version. These air fryers work by circulating the hot air around the food which gives that crispy exterior. Also, this method of cooking helps to give a juicy moist interior. While cooking in less time too.

This electric air fryer allows the user to control the temperature for the varieties of foods they cook. The temperatures range from 170 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, there is a auto shut-off timer or it will turn off in 2 hours.

While its a compact size with a 3.4 quart capacity its still large enough for a family of 4. Also, if your kids are in to cooking you do not have to worry the air fryer will not work with out the fry basket in place. Another great feature is you can open the fryer remove the basket to add more seasoning and shake the contents without adjusting the time. The timer will stop when the basket is removed and restart when the basket is replaced.

No greasy mess to clean up with its non-stick basket surface. The basket can be hand washed or placed into the dishwasher. The non-stick basket the food from sticking. But spraying with a little spray or oil will also insure nothing sticks.

Overall, this electric air fryer works like a small fryer. Also, by reducing the fat by 80% we can add more fried favorites to our diets with out all the guilt. When making any food in this fryer you do need to lay the food out flat and not touching so the air can circulate around the food evenly. But if you are making a larger batch the fryer will already be heated up so cooking times will be less the normal 3 minute heat up time.

Who doesn’t like easy to clean? I was happy to see that I could place the basket in the dishwasher and it would come out clean. I did lightly oil the edges and my food did not stick. Another, nice thing is you can bake in this fryer. Just think about hot cinnamon rolls with your coffee even on a hot summer morning. When baking you will use a small pan. The room will not heat up at all which is a big plus on those hot days. Also, its like having a extra oven which is nice when you want something quick or need do not want to use the larger oven space.

I was very happy to see that cookbook with 29 recipes was part of included as a bonus. This step by step cookbook will have you eating healthier crispy tasting foods without all the extra fat and calories. Lets face it we all want food that tastes good and that means food that might not always be what is good for us. Though, when cooking with this air fryer I can have those crispy wings, french fries, onion rings and even gooey cinnamon rolls with less guilt. By reducing 80% of the fat we can feel good about indulging in our favorite foods.

This electric air fryer works great. But remember with all new kitchen gadgets there is a learning curve. I learned shaking my food half way through cooking gave me a crispy exterior. Also, I learned to adjust the cooking times if I wanted my food to be cooked differently than any recipes I might have seen. I am completely happy with this air fryer and would recommend it without hesitation.

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