El Paso Designs Extra Large Mexican Serape Blankets (Blue)

I have always been intrigued by different cultures traditional decorative pieces. I recently was offered the opportunity to test the EL Paso Extra Large Mexican Serape Blanket which I was excited to get. I choose the blue serape blanket it has the most vibrant colors of dark blue, turquoise, gray, white and black all in the traditional striped pattern. Now to take a close look at the craftsmanship and materials.

The blanket comes wrapped in plastic and folded neatly. I could see the vibrant colors and pattern right though the wrapping. I couldn’t wait to get the package opened and spread out the blanket. I was so surprised by how truly big this blanket was. It measured 84 inches by 62 inches I was able to wrap myself up in it. The acrylic fibers are tightly woven into the traditional striped pattern of the Mexican Serape blanket. Along the edges of the blanket are 3 inch white fringe pieces that have a 1 ½ space between them. I like that the fringe is spaced out with the extra space between them it makes it look better without lot of fringe pieces hanging all over. The acrylic fibers make the blanket hypoallergenic and stain resistant which mean less cleaning. I detected no odors from the blanket. I also found no flaws in the weave pattern at all again a big surprise. The craftsmanship is outstanding that I can say with all honesty.

Overall, I can see this blanket bringing years of enjoyment to my family. I love that it can be used as a bed covering or as a throw blanket to accent my living space. I can also place it in our car for those cold days, an impromptu picnic or to use in an emergency. This wonderful blanket can be wrapped around my body while I set on my deck on a cool evening or an early morning while having a morning coffee. The uses for this beautiful blanket are endless. I found the blanket to be warm with its tight weave. The weave is similar to a beautiful piece of tapestry. There are so many color patterns to choose from it was so hard for me to pick. I love the colors in the blue serape blanket it just pops against my brown leather furniture. I was shocked there was no odor. I am unsure how this piece will hold up to washing, but I would recommend washing it on a delicate cycle in cold water and hang it to dry. I would recommend the El Paso Designs Extra Large Mexican Serape Blankets.

I received this for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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