More and more families are moving towards buying products made from materials that are renewable. Ozeri is one brand who is listening to these buyers. They are adding products made from these environmentally eco-friendly materials.  The Ozeri company now offers a RB2-RD Earth Plant Ramen Bowl set that is completely renewable resources.

The Earth Plant Ramen  Bowl Set is made of 100% naturally grown plants. There are no plastics, melamine, formaldehyde, BBA, dyes, PVC, BPS, Phthalates or Nitrosamines in this product. Also, a interesting fact if these bowls are placed underground they will turn into compost within 2-3 years. The Ramen bowls are also FDA approved. 

The earth plant Ramen Bowl set comes with two 33.5 ounce bowls, two 5.5 inch spoons and 2 sets of 8.6 inch chopsticks. These cute bowls are lightweight, but durable. Also, reusable for years to come. The bowl sets come in beige or red interiors with a black exterior. They are stylish and have a modern flare.

Clean up is easy with these Ramen bowls and utensils. They can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. All of these products are refrigerator and  freezer safe. Though, keep in mind that these pieces are only heat-resistant up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit. They should not be used in the microwave or oven. But serving hot food in your bowls is not a problem.


Overall, over the last few years my family has been more watchful when it comes to what we buy. Protecting our environment is important for our children and grandchildren’s futures. A products like the Earth Plant Ramen Bowl set is a great start in making a difference. Not only are these bowls and utensils made from sustainable products they will not lay for hundreds of  years in a landfill.

When using the Earth Plant Ramen bowl set I was impressed on how much they held. The bowls were deeper than I thought they would be which was a nice surprise. Then, the rich colors and stylish design makes them so appealing. I like the way my food was easy to get out of the bowl with either of the utensils. These bowls are not just for Ramen noodles either. I used mine for cereal, soup, ice cream and chips.

Using the chopsticks for the first time was fun and frustrating. Kids will love using the chopsticks which is a great teaching tool about other cultures. Also, the spoon is slightly deeper than spoons we use on a regular basis which makes eating soup a lot easier. My granddaughter loves the spoon its easy for her to scoop up her food. Actually, she has taken over the bowl as hers.

Also, when finding these plant base products makes me feel good about my part in helping the environment.  Every little thing we can do and buy today will impact the next generations. Also, something as simple as adding these types of products to our homes is a good start. Another, positive side we are teaching companies that these are the types of products we want to buy. Hopefully, we will see more and more of these products in the future become available.


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