When it comes to dishes for my grandchildren I stay away from as many plastics products as I can. Glass is out of the question which has led me to look for plant base products. The Ozeri brand carries a Earth Dish Set for kids and is just what I was looking for. Not only is this dish safe safe for my family, but I am helping the environment too.

Earth Dish Set for kids

The Earth Dish set for kids is made of 100% sustainable naturally grown plants. There are no harmful chemicals or dyes used in the production of this set of dishes. Also, the dishes are free from Melamine, plastics, BPA, PVC, Phthalates, BPS, formaldehyde, lead and nitrosamines. One of more of these additives can be found in more plastic products. These chemical additives are harmful to our environment and they pose health risks too. This is way its important to buy the plant base products.

The Earth Dish set for kids contains a sectional plate, bowl, sippy cup with dual handles as well as a spoon and fork. All of these products are perfect for those little hands and fingers. The dishes are lightweight and easy for the little ones to carry. They are also, leak-proof and reusable. Also, this set comes in natural white and green colors.

Did you know that most products we dispose of take hundreds of years to breakdown if at all. The Earth Dish set for kids will break down in 2-3 years once it is underground. Buying a product made from plants is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. This kids set is FDA approved.

Also, the Earth dish set for kids is dishwasher-safe. It’s also refrigerator and freezer safe. Though, keep in mind that these dishes can only withstand temperature up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit. They are not oven or microwave safe.


Overall, I found the Earth Dish set for kids to be very nice. The plate has the three separate sections that keeps peace at the dinner table for those little ones who want their food not to touch. Also, all of the pieces matching in color and are size appropriate. These pieces are also light weight so little hands can easily pick them up.

I have found this Earth dish set for kids to clean up quickly. Also, I like that the plate compartments are not overly deep since it is easier for little ones to get their food out. The colors are very natural which reassures me that no dyes have been added. It is also nice to know that the dish set is made from sustainable plants. My family is working on buying more products that are environmentally safe and made from sustainable plants. I would recommend this dish set to all families with little ones.


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