Early Childhood Development apps by Kids Academy

Kids Academy is at it again! The leader in early childhood development apps has released updates on two of their best tools for your little learner. The developers with the TinyHands division have updated their Kids Puzzle game as well as their Shapes and Colors game. I was offered the opportunity to check out these apps. Check out my reviews below!

Kids Puzzle Game

Ages: 3+

The Tiny Hands app is a nice education software that promotes learning. The apps graphics are entertaining and geared towards children. The music and other sounds are clearly made to keep the children engaged in all of the activities. There are a number of levels for a child to grow as they master each level. I do like all of the colorful displays that my granddaughter can enjoy for years to come. I experienced do delays in the app and has no trouble downloading the app.


Shapes and Colors Game

Ages 2+

The Tiny Hands 2+ app teaches shapes and colors in a fun imaginative way. The child will learn how to sort and name their colors through a number of different shapes, colors, seasons, animals and so much more. The app is design to keep the child engaged in the activities without losing interest. The music and colors are crisp and designed to be kid friendly. As the child finishes each activity they are given encouragement through clapping hand sounds and a different character/animal that floats up with balloons. There are 12 levels for the child to master which will allow the child to play over and over in any area they need to practice on. This is a nice educational tool to reinforce the child’s learning.





Kids Academy has a wide array of apps geared towards early childhood development.

Check them out on iTunes and Google Play today!




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