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As we get older our stress levels increase either due to our jobs, financial responsibilities or just raising a family.  Finding ways to relax can be as simple as a hobby like coloring. Coloring has become the fastest growing hobby today. Reaeon offers a number of products to help us enjoy our new hobby. Such as Reaeon’s 24 dual markers pens and 200 gel pens which are the right tools to produce some of the most beautiful pictures, crafts or projects.  The dual tip brush pens offers the users two different brush strokes. 

The dual tip brush pens come in 24 different colors. Also, one end of the dual marker pens has a 0.4 mm fine point tip. This is perfect for outlining and adding those little details. The tip is fine enough you can even use it for writing. The other end of the dual marker pens is 1-6 mm. Which makes the 1-6 mm tip prefect for shading and full coloring. This tip can change the size of the strokes by the amount of pressure the user applies. 

Another thing to know about the dual tip brush pens is that they are acid-free and non-toxic. Also, they are odorless, watered based and non-bleeding. These high performance dual marker pens are blend-able due to being a water based ink. Each of the pens offer a smooth color transfer. Also, the dual marker pens come in a nice plastic storage case that is reusable. Carry your markers with you when traveling, to school, work or just at home.

Sometimes we want to use other types of colors or types of media. Gel pens have become a very popular with hobbyist and children alike. The smooth gliding gel comes in vibrant colors. Also, gel pens do not smear or fade over time. Another thing users like about gel pens is crisp color.

The 100 unique color pack of gel pens has a wide variety of colors. There are 28 glitter, 18 metallic, 16 neon, 15 pastel, 14 neon-glitter, 6 swirl and 3 classic. Also, you do not need to worrying about running out of your favorite color in the middle of your project. This set gives you 100 free refills. Anyone who has used gel pens understands that the ink runs out quicker than other inks.

The gel pens have 0.8-1.0 mm tips. Each of the pens are numbered as well as the refills so they are easy to change. The colors range from like to dark and there is even a white gel pen. These gel pens can be used for coloring, scrap-booking,drawing, crafts and writing.

Overall, the dual tip brush pens are great for all types of projects. The colors strokes can go from medium to bold by just applying pressure differently. Also, I liked that I could fill in those tiny details then use the same color to cover a larger area. The colors are vibrant and after they dry they still have that bold look that does not fade.

The colors flowed when using the dual tip brush pens and I noticed no smearing or bleeding. Also, the tips seem to hold their shapes well. There is no odors when coloring. Make sure you put the caps on tight to make sure the pens do not dry out.

The gel pens come with all of the colors that one would use for any type of project. I love the glitter, neon, metallic and pastel pens because they add that extra special touch. The colors do blend nicely too. Having a white gel pen is very unique and something other gel pens do not offer. Also, having the refills is so nice if I am in the middle of a project, decorating, scrap booking, writing or coloring my design will not be ruined because I ran out of the color I was using.

I would recommend both of these products. They will make great gifts too.

The best part is and    and REAEON are teaming up to give you an amazing giveaway. There will be 4 winners and REAEON will send out the prize (1 set of 24 dual tip brush pens and 1 set of 200 gel pens) to winner within 4-6 weeks. Also, Entrants must live within the United States. Once a winner is drawn, said person will have 48 hours to reply to contact email. If there is no reply, there will be another winner drawn at that time.

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