Dual Oscillating Desk Fan

This summer has been a hot one all across the US. When its so hot it is even hard to stay cool with air conditioning. Having a oscillating desk fan is just the right tool to keep you extra cool. A dual oscillating desk fan can be used anywhere. This fan is great for cooling off or move around stale air.

Ozeri Brezza II dual oscillating 10 inch high velocity desk fan is just the fan to get the air moving. With this fan you can be assured that you will stay cool and comfortable. The dual oscillating motor is designed to work in the horizontal and vertical motion. Also, with front controls it is easy to access the oscillating modes. With a push of the button you can adjust up to 90 degrees vertical or turn off the oscillating mode.

A oscillating desk fan that offers 3 different speeds which are cool breeze, refreshing wind and a high powerful air flow. Also, the air flows all produce low noise output. Another great thing is you do not have to move or turn the fan to change the flow of the air direction. The control knob is on the front at the bottom of the fan.


Overall, this fan can really put out the airflow. This fan can deliver the airflow in just the direction I want, it can be vertical or horizontal. Also, I can have it oscillating or not depending on what I want. I also like that the fan comes complete and I do not have to put anything together.

Also, this dual oscillating desk fan has a sleek modern design. The black and silver design will fit in any decor. This desk fan is lightweight and only weighs 6 lbs. There is also a carrying handle that makes carrying the fan easy. Also, it can plug into any standard 120V AC outlet. Its ready to use right out of the box. I am completely happy with this fan and would recommend it.

Desk Fan Features

• Now featuring powerful yet ultra-quiet DUAL oscillating motors that are designed to cool an entire room. It is more efficiently with automatic horizontal AND vertical motion.

• Front-controls provide easy-access to engage automatic vertical (up/down) oscillation, horizontal (left/right) oscillation or non-oscillation mode for uniform airflow.

• Aerodynamically designed for the lowest dB noise rating. All while providing air circulation at 3 different speeds.

• Push button access to non-oscillating mode and can be adjusted up to 90 degrees on its vertical axis for precisely directed airflow.

• A sophisticated and stylish space-saving fan.  Ships fully assembled. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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