Double Walled Insulated Hand Blown Glasses

Whether you are a person who enjoys a hot or cold beverage how you serve it is important. The first thing you want to do is to preserve the temperature of you beverage. Hot coffee should stay hot while you are sipping away. A cold beverage should ice cold as you quench your thirst. The glass that you put these beverages in makes all the difference. That is why I choose to use the Curva 8 fluid ounce  double walled insulated glasses.


The Ozeri Curve double walled insulated glasses are unique in so many ways. First they are all hand made so no two are exactly alike. The set of 4 glasses showcases blown glass at its finest. These unique glasses are made of borosilicate glass which is heat and shatter resistant. Though, as with any glass it will break if it is not treated properly.

One thing to know is taking a glass from the freezer and then pouring hot coffee in it will cause it to break. But pouring ice tea in the glass will cause no issues. These double walled insulated glasses are stronger and more durable than other similar products on the market today. While you enjoy your beverages you hands will not be feel the effects from the heat or cold. Another great feature is your glasses will be free of condensation.

The Curva double walled glasses are dishwasher safe on the top rack. Another nice feature is you can place the glass in the microwave. While enjoying your beverage you can reheat it if you need too, but you will find its stays hot for a while.  Chilling your glasses for those cold beverages gives you the frosty icy summer drink we all enjoy.

In conclusion, I found the Curva double walled insulated glasses to be well made. While the glasses are so useful they are unique in the design which is so appealing. These beautiful hand blown glasses will showcase your beverages and will put any table setting over the top.  You guests and family will be impressed with the quality of these glasses.

Though, you will need to know that outer glass is slightly thinner and  little delicate. You want to make sure that you do not toss them into the sink.  However, I have had no issues.

Using glass allows me to not worry about the BPA that is in the plastics glasses. While looking at the glass it is easy to see how clear the glasses are with no imperfections. This allows the beverage colors to look stunning and makes for a great presentation when placing them on the table for dinner.

While testing each glass in both the freezer and microwave I found them to preform as they should. Though, you will feel a slight temperature change when adding the different beverages, though nothing like a normal glass. Hot coffee is only slightly warm and ice cold tea is only slightly cold. However, these temperatures are comfortable when holding on to the glass. It was apparent when testing the glasses that the beverages stayed hot or cold longer than when in other similar insulated cups. The Curva glasses are a great find.

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