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Double Flannel Sleeping Bag

Camping is something my family enjoys, but sleeping bags are more than just for camping. When I was asked to test a double sleeping bag I knew this was one bag my family could get a lot of use out of. A double sleeping bag can be used by a couple or someone who wants or needs more room when sleeping. Keep in mind when choosing any sleeping bag you look at the size, materials and temperature rated.  The double flannel sleeping bag is just the type of sleeping bag that can fit any families needs. 

The double flannel sleeping bag has a outer shell made from 210T polyster. Inside of the sleeping bag is 300g flannel lining and cotton filling.  Which is warm and quite comfortable. The sleeping bag can withstand temperatures of 15°F ( -9°C). Keep in mind the sleeping bag will stay warm and cozy during the winter temperatures of 32°F~ 50°F (0°C ~10°C). One great thing about a double sleeping bag is two bodies give off warmth which makes the bag even warmer. 

Another great feature is this double flannel sleeping bag is machine washable. But the outer shell is waterproof so no need to worry about dampness or moisture causing you to become chilled. The bag is easy to fold up and pack so easy even on person can easily do it. However, when packing the sleeping bag away in its self storing bag make sure it has been wiped down and free of debris.

This sleeping bag can be used as one large cozy bed measuring at 86.6″ x 59″ which is equal to a queen size mattress. What is nice is the sleeping bag can be made into two sleeping bags also. The double zipper goes all the way around the sleeping bag and can be opened from both sides. Another great feature is the 2 camping pillows that come with the sleeping bag. The pillows are great for camping, hiking or overnight guests.

What I found was this bag is lightweight while providing adequate warmth. The craftsmanship is good with straight stitching. With two zippers it is easy to get in and out of the sleeping bag no matter what side you sleep on. Another great feature I like is if we want the sleeping bag to be two singles all we have to do is simply unzip the bag and zip them up separately. I should mention though, when making two sleeping bag one will be longer and slightly narrower and the other is slightly shorter, but full size.

The sleeping bag is soft inside and warmer than I thought it would be. While the sleeping bag can be tossed into the washing machine the polyester shell allows for a quick clean with  damp cloth for minor cleaning needs. Another, nice thing is that the sleeping bag is waterproof so there is no need to worry about the moisture-wicking from the ground and making you cold. This feature is great for hikers which means they will not have to carry extra sleeping pads.

When we roll up any of our sleeping bags we make sure they are dry and free of debris it keeps them clean. Simply draping the bag over a tree limb or hanging it up for a little bit will also keep it air out and smelling fresh. Rolling the sleeping bag up was surprising easy even for one person. The drawstring carrying bag allows the bag to be protected and makes it easy to carry. There are two band straps that also go around the self storing bag which makes it great for backpacking or just keeping the bag snug inside during packing or transporting. The self storing drawstring bag is made of the same materials as the outer shell of the sleeping bag.

Overall, this double flannel sleeping bag is well worth purchasing. It can be used for camping, hiking or just to make your unexpected guests comfortable. We have a travel trailer and having the extra sleeping bag will be great for tossing on the floor if we have extra family members going along. With its compact size it is easy to stowaway taking less space that a stack of blankets. I would recommend the Canway double flannel sleeping bag.



High Quality Materials:
  • Flannel Liner
  • 210T Polyester Shell
  • 300G/M2 3D Cotton Fillin

Package Includes: 
  • Double Sleeping Bag
  • Carrying Bag
  • 2 x Pillows

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