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Have you ever been riding along and someone says did you see that? But you were concentrating on the road and you feel like you miss out on everything. A dashboard dash cam might be something you would like. Another, thing is out of nowhere a vehicle hits you and its your word against the other driver. A dashboard dash cam may have caught the whole thing and you now have a recording as proof of your innocents.

The CISNO Dashboard Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Camera, Car DVR Recorder, Full HD 1080P, WDR 2.7″ LCD 170 Degree Video-Z4. It allows the you to have EYES all the way around your vehicle whether you are traveling or stopped, you can be recording. It is a great way to protect you and your family and your belongings too. Now you can know what is going on in the rear of your car as well as the front of your car.

Also, this dashboard dash cam has a fantastic picture quality, it is very clear. It will also has records audio as well as picture.  Another great feature is the 2.7 ” LCD screen that has continuous loop recording. It has 170 degree wide angle view that will allow you to see across 4 lanes of traffic in front of you. Then it has motion detection which means you will never miss anything if you forgot to turn it on. It is very compact and light weight and does not obscure  the drivers view.

This dashboard dash cam has all of its function buttons on the front of the camera which are for controlling the whole system. The front screen view can be set up to do different views. Also, you can have it set mostly to the front view with a small box in the top that will display the back view, or it can be set to where  the front and back cameras share the display 50/50. It can also be set to just display the front or just the back camera. Then the front camera comes with 2 different mounts a suction cup mount so you can remove it or move it and also a permanent mount.

The rear camera comes with  18 feet of cable so the wires can be hidden out of place. Also, it can be put in any place you choose just by sticking it on. It has a wide angle view and it moves up and down. Another thing is that rear camera is waterproof which allows it be be on the outside of the vehicle. But it can  also be mounted on the inside of your vehicle.


The CISNO Dashboard Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Camera comes with a built in 400 mAh battery for  use when the car is turned off and will last a good hour or when your vehicle is running. Just plug into the vehicles cigarette lighter port and its go to go. It will support a 32gb SD card  which is not included.


Overall, this dashboard dash cam  front and rear dual camera is surprisingly easy to set up and use. The picture is clear and not grainy at all. Also, with the SD card you can record and watch on a larger device to enjoy your pictures or to use as evidence in a accident.

Also, when driving it is not in the drivers vision which means no extra distractions. The other passengers in the vehicle can watch the screen if they want. Then the back cam can be inside or outside of the vehicle depending on your choice. I am very happy with my dashboard dash cam and would recommend it. Take a look at the CISNO website for all the great products they sell.

Dashboard Dash Cam

main points are….



Highly-sensitive G-sensor automatic video recording and video file locking when a collision or crash, you can adjust the sensitivity level in menu setting to suit your driving style and terrain. (Locked files are saved under “LOCA” folder, while others are saved under “MOCA” folder.


Emergency File Locking

During video recording, press ok button a second to lock the video file being produced


Motion Detection(Parking Mode)

When you set the mode of motion detection, the device will automatically start recording if there are movement in front of the device. In motion detection mode, loop recording is disabled and the device will stop recording when the memory card is full. To return to normal video recording, cancel motion detection mode in menu setting(Motion detection is only available with power supply)

Dashboard Dash Cam

Package contains:

Dash Camera

Rear Camera

Car Charger

Adhesive Mount System

Front and Rear Lens Connector Cable

User Manual


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Dashboard Dam Cam Giveaway!

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