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Coloring Package Giveaway!


Coloring is still one of the fastest growing hobby of adults today. Gel pens, fineliners and markers are all important tools to showcase the talented hobbyist creations. Today there are a variety of colors and finishes available to the coloring enthusiasts. Aenart has just what you are looking for.

The first impressive set is the 320 gel pen set which offers 160 unique colors and 160 gel ink refills. No more worrying about running out a color in the middle of a coloring project. Also, this set contains specially premium ink that offers a longer usage with its special ink formula. It also lasts up 2 times longer than other similar gel ink.

Coloring set of 320 Gel Pen set (0.6-1.0 mm)

  • 42 glitter
  • 19 neon
  • 18 pastel
  • 21 metallic
  • 39 glitter-neon
  • 4 standard
  • 11 magic
  • 6 rainbow


When switching to a marker for your coloring projects the 24, 36, 60 dual markers are the best choice. You can use the same color while switching the tips without searching for the exact color match. Also, you have all of the vibrant colors that you need to give your project that true artist design. The fine tip is 0.4 mm while the brush tip range from 1-6 mm. Although, you will find that the 60 dual tip markers range from 0.4 mm fine point and 1-2 mm brush tip.

The dual tip markers are made of water based pigments which makes them bendable. These pens are also odorless. Also, all of the dual tip pens have no bleed through when drawing on most drawing surfaces or coloring book paper.

Coloring set of 24 Dual tip markers (0.4 – 6 mm)

  • Black, silver, brown and bronze
  • Lots of red and orange shades
  • Shades of yellow
  • A variety of green
  • Shades of blues
  • Pretty shades of purple and pink


Coloring set of 36 Dual tip markers ( 0.4- 2 mm)

  • colors cover the color wheel
  • White a unique color
  • Black, silver, brown and bronze
  • Reds and oranges
  • Yellows
  •  Green
  • Blues
  • Purples and pinks

Coloring set of 60 colors dual tip pen markers

  • come in a sturdy box
  • Black, silver, brown and bronze
  • A variety of reds and oranges shades
  • Shades of yellow
  • Lots of greens
  • Pretty shades of blues
  • Shades of purple and pink

100 Glitter gel pens are fitted with a comfortable grip. You can color for longer periods of time without your hands becoming fatigued. There are 63 colored glitter pens and 38 glitter-neon pens have a 1.0 mm Ball Point Tip. Also, all the colors are vivid and offer a full shiny appearance. The glitter ink also flows seamlessly. It is acid free and non-toxic which will never fade.

Coloring set of 100 Glitter gel pens (1.0 mm ball point tip)

  • 63 full colored glitter pens
  • 36 glitter-neon pens
  • Full color wheel spectrum

For all those delicate areas that need a fine point this brand offers a few different size packages.  All of their fineliner felt tip pens come in a variety of colors. They are comfortable to hold and making drawing or writing enjoyable. The fineliner tip is metal-cad which helps to prevent any wigging or breaking. The tips are 0.38 mm making them perfect for those tight or small spaces when coloring. Also, the fine tip makes drawing lines, writing, scrap-booking and anything else that you want fine lines with lots of color.

Coloring set of 36 Fineliner Drawing Pens 

  • Acid free water based
  • 36 unique colors with no repeats
  • 0.38 mm tips
  • plastic sleeve storage bag with snaps

In conclusion:

Overall, all of the product above are useful when creating any craft, coloring, writing or even illustrating. The gel pens glide smoothly across the paper. The colors are vibrant and do not fade over time. When it comes to glitter gel pens I love that they have a shine that gives the page a unique quality. Also, with all of the gel pens I have found them to last longer when using. I also like that the caps of the pens show the ink colors.

The brush tip markers flow onto the pages like a paint brush would without all the mess. The tip of the brush tip has a nice point and depending on how much pressure you add you can get a thin stroke to a wide stroke. Also, the colors are vibrant and are all colors one would want for most projects. Then the fine point end matches the brush tip color exactly. The fine point writes or colors nicely without the wobble or delicate tip that some dual tip pens have.

       36 Fineliners

Why I choose this brand

When coloring I always reach for these products. I use my gel pens in my date book too to color coordinate tasks, appointments and other important moments. I love that the colors do not smear or bleed through and are cheerful. Also, having the refills included it helps me to know I will not run out of a color in the middle of a project. I would recommend these products made by Aenart.

Coloring Package Giveaway Time!

The best part is and   and Aenart are teaming up to give you an amazing giveaway. The prize pack will include 1 of each of the following 320 gel pens , 24 dual pens, 100 glitter pens 36 dual pens, 36 fineliners and 60 dual pens. There will be 3 winners and Aenart will provide you with a 99% off code or products. Also, Entrants must live within the United States. Once a winner is drawn, said person will have 48 hours to reply to contact email. If there is no reply, there will be another winner drawn at that time.


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