Code Reader Diagnosing Vehicle Problems

The cost of buying a new vehicle is out of the reach for most consumers today. Which means we have to take better care of our vehicles. However, many of us do not know where to start so we take it to a expensive mechanic. Why do that when we can purchase a CReader 4001 Diagnostic Scan too to tell us what the problem is.  Then when we go to the mechanic we know we are not being taken advantage of if we cant fix it ourselves.

When our vehicles start acting up it is only shortly after that the engine light comes on. Human instinct is to panic. Then find the closest garage which may not be the best thing. While each garage mechanic or dealership set their prices for diagnostic testing you can plan on spending from $99-$150. Then, after they determine the diagnosis comes the real expense.  The issue is can we always trust these facilities to give us the right diagnosis or that they are not over charging us.

Some issues are easy fixes that most car savvy people can handle, but you have to know what needs to be fixed first. By diagnosing the your vesicle issues first you have the option of fixing it yourself or seeking out a mechanic. As a consumer you will see a lot of diagnostics tools, but most are not user friendly to the novice user.


Luckily, my husband is a mechanic which is something he taught himself. He has repaired all of our vehicles as well as family and friends. The CReader 4001 Diagnostic Scan Tool is a great tool for any mechanic. The code reader is compact and has a sleek design. Its lightweight and can be stored inside of the glove compartment or even a pocket while using it.

The code reader is very easy to use. Simply plug in the reader to the car port. The screen is large enough to read without straining your eyes. There are a few commands that you will have to do to setup your reader, but its all easy to follow. When testing our vehicles we found no code errors which is always the way it goes when you get a new product to test.

The instruction manual is quite basis and easy to read. Half the battle is understanding what you are reading this reader makes it easy. Another great thing about this code reader is it has a rechargeable battery which makes it cost effective.  Simply plug the code reader in when the battery indicator is showing low. It takes only a short time to recharge and the battery seems to hold a charge for a adequate time frame.


The code reader will save money and time for all vehicle owners. You will never have to worry if you are being taken advantage of. Also, with the help of the code reader you can start to learn how to fix your own vehicles if you choose too. The code reader will take the guess work out of diagnosing the issues.

If you find this code reader does not read your vehicle it may need a firmware update. Just Google for firmware updates.

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Some helpful information for the code reader:

BCM – Body Control Module
DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code
EBCM – Electronic Brake Control Module
ECM – Engine Control Module
ECU – Engine/Electronic Control Unit
MIL – Malfunction Indicator Lamp or the check engine light
PCM – Powertrain Control Module
TCM – Transmission Control Module
VCM – Vehicle Control Module



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