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Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil is a oil from the cedar tree. Also, it is from the woody aroma family and has a strong scent. While you might expect a earthy scent this is more of a smoky woody scent. Another thing about Aweganics essential oils are they are all organic and of the highest quality.

Aweganics Cedarwood essential oils are 100% pure and all natural. Another great feature of the Aweganics cedarwood essential oil is a therapeutic grade and non toxic. Then there are no additives or fillers in this oil and its cruelty free. That is why I choose the Aweganics over other brands.


Cedarwood essential oil has antifungal, antiseptic, diuretic, astringent and sedative properties. Also, it has the power to improve your skin, help with organ function, tighten muscles, improve metabolism and benefit your digestive system. Another thing I like about Cedarwood essential oil is very calming and relaxing to me. It is definitely an essential oil to be in every homes .. home care kit.


Cedarwood essential oil benefits include…

  • improves focus and wisdon
  • promotes hair growth
  • has anti-inflammatory agents
  • cures toothaches
  • strengthens gums
  • reduces skin irritations
  • relives spasms
  • cures fungal infections
  • repels bugs
  • cures acne
  • reduces cough
  • stimulates metabolism
  • regulates menstruation
  • tightens muscles
  • cleans out toxins


Cedarwood essential Oil Uses:

For irritated skin and eczema you can…
Also, add the oil to your skin lotion or soap, rub it on the infected or itchy area directly, or make yourself a bath with five drops of cedarwood oil added to it.

For hair loss…
While applying cedarwood oil, in combination with the essential oils from thyme, rosemary and lavender, to the scalp improves hair growth. Just add cedarwood oil to your shampoo or conditioner, or just massage the oil into your scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Reduce dry or flaky scalp…
Just mix two drops of cedarwood essential oil with coconut oil. Then add the mixture to your scalp, and rub it in for five minutes. For the best results, let it sit on your scalp for 30 minutes or so — then wash it out.

Reduces arthritis..
Also, by inhaling the oil, or using it externally on the skin, you reduce inflammation — which minimizes joint stiffness. But try making yourself a bath with five to 10 drops of cedarwood essential oil you will feel so much better.

Cedarwood essential oil can be added to any lotion, shampoo, conditioner, bath salts,etc. I really like to take a relaxing bath with this oil about 20 minutes before bedtime or if I am pressed for time I will rub it on the bottom of my feet when going to bed,


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