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Cate & Chloe Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

What woman doesn’t like beautiful jewelry at affordable prices. When if comes to jewelry women today want their jewelry to be budget friendly, but to look expensive. The Cate & Chloe Swarovski Crystal jewelry line is just the type of jewelry woman today are looking for.

Also, you will find that the  Cate & Chloe Swarovski crystal jewelry can be found in a variety of settings. It is easy to see in the all of the earrings that they are high quality. Each of these earrings offer a high polished look. Also, each stone is cut to reflect the light. Another great feature is the earrings are lightweight making them easy to wear.

McKayla Wonderous drop dangle earrings are stunning. They feature round cut Swarovski crystal which gives off a high sparkle as it dangles from your ear. The stone is placed in a rhodium plated setting that has a high-polished finish. Also, the setting is 18k white gold that is plated to base metal. While these earrings will surely become one of your favorite pairs for years to come you will not want to miss out on all the other styles.

Cate & Chloe McKayla Wonderous

McKayla Wonderous 

Product Features:

  • MATERIAL: 18k white gold plated base metal
  • DIMENSIONS: 15MM Tall x 8 MM Wide, with a 6MM Round Stone






The Veronica Victory earrings are 18K white gold plated. But even with the plating you will never know they are not real. These dangle earrings offer a classic design with the trendy modern woman of today in mind. While it is easy to see that this design takes its inspiration from the vintage classic design that will stand the test of time.  Also, the single stone is large enough to catch attention without appearing to outshine the whole setting. When you walk into a room the sparkle from this stone will dance around enhancing the shine of this beautiful setting.

Veronica Victory 


Cate & Chloe Veronica Victory




Product Features:

  • MATERIAL: 18k white gold plated base metal
  • DIMENSIONS: 19MM Tall x 5 MM Wide, with 2 5MM Round Stones






 Ellie Light earrings have that classic dang drop design. Also, you will see three beautifully cut stones. But the biggest surprise is that each of these stones are cut to reflect the light to give a stunning sparkling appearance. The dangle of these timeless earrings is simply perfect. While these are dangle earrings they are dainty at  0.2″ x 0.3″ x 0.3″.  The top and bottom stones are the same size with the center stone is larger. Also, the stones are held tightly in their setting with white gold decorative prongs. While this post style backing fits snugly without fear of falling out unlike other posts. 





Cate & Chloe Ellie Light

Product Features:

  • MATERIAL: 18k white gold plated base metal
  • DIMENSIONS: 7.5MM Tall x 5.5 MM Wide, with 6 5.4MM Round Stones
  • Post with Butterfly Backing





Another great thing about the Cate & Chloe Swarovski crystal jewelry is they offer you a number of different variations to choose from. All of their products are affordably priced. These earrings will fit all styles and ages. They will be come you go too earrings. I have received so many complements on these earrings as well as my other pieces. I would recommend these stunning pieces or any of their other products. Believe me if you are looking to make a statement with a Christmas gift this year this is product line that will help you.

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