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When it comes to jewelry its one of those things that all women love. Of course most women want diamonds and lets face it most of us cannot afford the real thing. But Cate & Chloe pendant necklaces offer the closest I have seen at affordable prices. These stunning pieces give you all the bling that  real diamond can give without breaking the bank. High quality pieces that are backed with a 100% guarantee really how can we go wrong buying products like these.


The Cate & Chloe pendant necklaces are part of a line of jewelry that will dazzle all women. Even teenagers will be impressed with the designs. Each of these necklaces are 18K White or rose gold plated. The bases used in the plating process are either brass or  sterling silver. Another great thing is all of the necklaces have a high gloss finish that shimmers. Also, all Cate & Chloe pendant necklaces are lead free allowing even the most sensitive individuals to wear their jewelry line. Another, feature that they all have in common is the chains come in a 16 inch length with a extendable chain up to 18 inches. These chains use Lobster clasp closures.

The Nelly “Valor” rose gold plated necklace is a circular design. This stunning pendant has 19 circle Swarovski stones that pop against the rose gold. The way it sparkles sends a brilliant array of light reflecting around the room. Also, these stones are round cut with well defined facets similar to real diamonds.

The Ruth “Protector” pendant also has the round cut Swarovski gem stones. These stones are arranged around rows of smaller stones in a somewhat raised disk design. There are 8 delicate stones all in a circular pattern with 1 large center stone.  All of these stones are cut to give a appearance of a sunburst display of light bouncing off the pendant.


While the Sloane pendant is a simple 3 stone drop pendant. These 3 stunning round cut Swarovski stones are all the same size. The top two stones are placed close to one another with the third stone suspended off a chain like link. Another thing about this pendant that varies from the other necklaces is it is set in a 925 sterling silver base with 18K white gold plating for that extra shine. Also, the brilliant light display that comes from these stones makes it hard to know they are not real.


The Malinda pendant has 4 accent stones weighing in at 0.25CT. These stones are round cut and they sparkle from every angle. Also, this pendant has a unique clover shaped design that is cut out of the center of the pendant. The accents stones are on the outside of the circle pendant showcasing the clover.


Each of these pendants come with a 16-18 inch extendable chain. Also, each chain has a lobster clasp. Another thing to know is these pendants are all lead and nickel free. The metal used in all of the chains is sterling silver. Also, each style of chain is slightly different.

Cate & Chloe Pendant Necklaces Sloane, Nelly “Valor”, Ruth “Protector” and Malinda:

  • 18k White Gold Plated Brass
  •  Swarovski Crystals
  • 18″ Cable Chain
  • Nickel-Free
  •  Luxury Ribbon Jewelry Box

Each of these pendants is made of high quality materials. The sparkle and dazzle that these stones is remarkable and the average person will not know these are not real diamonds. Also, the high shine of the 18 k white gold plating is so beautiful and holds it shine well. I have sensitive skin and I have not had any issues wearing these pendants.

One thing that I have found with all the Cate & Chloe jewelry is that each piece is made in a timeless in design. These stunning pieces are eye catching and will be cherished by all ages. With Valentines Day just around the corner any of these pieces will put a smile on your loved one face. Look no further not only are they beautiful, but they are affordable. When I personally wear my Cate & Chloe pendants I receive one compliment after another.

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