Cate & Chloe 18k White Gold Plated Rings

If you are like me you can never have too many rings. Cate & Chloe 18K White Gold Plated Rings are great for giving us all the affordable bling we want. No more wishing you could afford a beautiful ring because with Cate & Chloe line  it is all affordable.  There are dozens of rings to choose from and each of them are full of detail.

When talking about the Cate & Chloe 18k white gold plated rings there are a few key points to impress upon. Each of the rings are nickel free which makes these rings great for those with sensitive skin. Also, each of these four stunning rings come in size 6, 7, and 8. All of the rings are made from the same base material which is brass. Brass allows the 18K white gold plating to cover and adhere flawlessly.

What makes these rings standout against other is the high quality finishes and overall design.  These rings are designed to keep up with the modern women style while keeping with the timeless beauty we expect in our rings. Also, the cuts of the Swarovski stones show the brilliance in the way they sparkle and clarity that you will only find in real diamonds. These rings are made to look like expensive engagement, wedding and even promise rings.

The Lila ring has a single Swarovski Crystal stone. It is a round cut and weights in at 3/4 CT.  This ring has that simple, but elegant look that only a solitaire ring offers. The 3/4 CT crystal stone appears larger against the delicate white gold band. The fiery sparkle that bounces around the room comes from the cuts in the crystal stone which gives that true appearance of a diamonds sparkle.


The Laya “Ruler also comes in a 18k White Gold Plated setting. This ring has a stunning round cut Swarovski Crystals. Also, you will think of a Halo with this rings 50 round cut stones wrapped around in a circular pattern.  Anyone who see this ring would think engagement ring with all its unique engraved filigree design. It has that old vintage look appeal while still being modern enough for today’s woman. 


While the Leona “Fate” is also stunning in its 18k White Gold Plating it is also available in rose gold. Each of these finishes offers a different look. Also, both of these rings have genuine Swarovski Crystal Stone. The round cut stone is 3/4 CT which is flanked by 28 accent stones. This ring will draw a lot of attention by those who see it on your finger. 


                         Leona Rose Gold


The Felicity has the 18k white gold plating over brass base. This ring has a large center Swarovski crystal at 3/4 CT with a round cut design. It is flanked by 2 small accent stones that are also round cuts. Another thing I like  about this ring is with the 3 stones it is simplistic while being elegant. A timeless look that anyone will treasure.

Overall, all of these rings will impress you with their beauty. Also, each of these Swarovski crystals are cut to enhance the sparkle of the stone. How they accomplish such brilliant sparkle is with each cut that they make creating the light to dance from the various facets.  Also, these stunning rings will appeal to all ages. Each ring comes gift wrapped in a ribbon tie box. If you are searching for just the right gift you should check out these stunning rings.




Cate & Chloe 18k White Gold Plated Rings:


  •  18k White Gold Plated Brass
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Timeless design
  • Nickel-Free
  • Includes Luxury Ribbon Jewelry Box


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