Cate & Chloe 18K White Gold Earrings

Sometimes just a simple pair of earrings can make you feel like special. Cate & Chloe 18K White Gold Earrings are made with that in mind. While wearing them along or paired with your favorite pendant you will feel complete. Also, each of their earring designs can be worn with a wide array of outfits. It is rare that you can wear a piece of jewelry with jeans and a sweatshirt that will also make a formal statement with a dressy outfit.

The Cate & Chloe 18K white gold earrings called Jessie “Lively” are just one of those timeless pieces that can be worn by all ages. Its a simple, but elegant design with a small and large Swarovski gem stone. Each of the stones are round cut and held in place with raised round prongs. Also, the small Swarovski gem stone on the top is half the size of the larger bottom gem giving a true drop appearance. The top Swarovski stone is a 3 mm accent stone and the bottom is a 6 mm stone. While these earrings have 18K white gold plating they look like real white gold.





Waverly “Carefree” Cate & Chloe 18k White Gold earrings are a Chandelier hoop. Along, the front of the hoop are 9 round cut Swarovski stones.  Another, design element is that each of the stones is 3 mm and are held in place by 4 prongs. This hoop is delicate, but makes a huge statement. It has a shape that is similar to a heart. Also, the base metal is brass and these are nickel free allowing even the most sensitive wearers to wear in comfort. 




The Alice “Graceful” 18k White Gold earrings by Cate & Chloe are absolutely stunning. While each of these Swarovski hoop earrings are a shiny silver hoops with double rows of gem stones. While theses stones are only 3mm in size they make a huge statement. Also, there are 22 total stones in each hoop. Each of the stones are set in a 4 prong nickel free sitting. 


Overall, I found these Cate & Chloe 18K white gold earrings to be beautifully made with the modern women in mind. Each of these stunning earrings have the genuine Swarovski crystal stones that look like real diamonds. While the look of the real diamonds is present the price is friendly to all of our budgets. Another, great thing is these earrings are nickel and lead free which means even those with sensitive skin can wear these pieces.

The craftsmanship is very good as well as the designs of each piece. These earrings are timeless in their designs and will appeal to all ages. I like the little details like the silver prongs holding in the gem stones. The hidden closures on the hoop earrings. The long delicate chain suspending the bottom gem in the dangle earrings. Each of these little details are what make these earrings so appealing.

Valentines is right around the corner and jewelry is the gift most women want. She will not be disappointed in any or all of these earrings.  Why not buy her a few stunning pairs and make her feel really special. I would recommend all of these earrings or any of the Cate & Chloe jewelry brand.


Cate & Chloe Alice “Graceful” Key Features:
  • 18k White Gold Plating
  • Genuine Swarovski Crystal Stones
  • Pave Round Cut Stones
  • Lead & Nickel Free
  • Base Metal: Brass
  • Imported
Cate & Chloe Waverly “Carefree” Key Features:


  • 18k White Gold Plating over Brass
  •  Swarovski Crystal Stones
  • Nickel-Free
  • Includes Luxury Ribbon Jewelry Box



Cate & Chloe Jessie “Lively” Key Features:


  • 18k White Gold Plating over Brass
  •  Swarovski Crystal Stones
  • Nickel-Free
  • Includes Luxury Ribbon Jewelry Box






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