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Capture the Perfect Pictures at Home with Emart’s Lighting Studio Kit

Capturing memories of my family is important to me. Pictures will be all we have some day of some of our families to help share our memories with our children and grandchildren. The problem is to have professional pictures taken is just too expensive and I have started to look into ways to cut these costs. After conducting some research I found that if I use the right background and lighting I can take pictures that look professional for just a few dollars startup cost. My research lead me to look at the Emartinc Emart 2000W Photography Light Studio Kit since it comes with everything I need to get started building our families memories.
When the Emart photography lighting studio kit arrived I was shocked how heavy and large the box was. But once I broke everything down, I could see how everything came together. The first thing I noticed is that the kit comes with a sturdy carrying case. The backdrop has 4 telescopic crossbars. The back drop is really large and does take up a large amount of space. The backdrop can be set up at 3 feet or to as much as 8.7 feet in height. The backdrop can be set up to be 5 feet to 10 feet wide which allow the user to use it in a more confined space if needed. This is a huge backdrop so no need to worry about squeezing people into a small space to take a family picture. The backdrop bases, supports and the telescopic crossbars are all made of a black coated stainless steel piping. These pipes or poles as I call them all lock together to create the background. There are 3 different clothes to use to create the effect you are looking for. Green, white and black clothes that measure 6 feet by 10 feet so there are no gaps when the backdrop is set to its maximum height. These clothes are quite thick and are machine washable. I would recommend line drying them. It is surprising that they do not much wrinkle during storage. The backdrop has a large nylon carrying case with a double ended zipper opening. The handle also has a Velcro closure for easier carrying. The case carries all of you phot supplies backdrop, light bulbs, clothes, light filters, lamp stands, clamps and so on.
The light stands are made of all metal and can be adjusted to the height you need. They lock into place in seconds and can be moved around without any issues after they are set up. One set of lights comes with an umbrella top which allows me to angle my lightening towards my subjects for the ideal lightening effect. There are also soft box lights which has the while fabric coverings. The white fabric coverings attach to the soft boxes with Velcro so it is really easy to put up and take down. What the fabric does is gives that soft none glaring light to give a softer effect which is great for taking portrait photos. The lamp cords are nice and long so you don’t have to worry about setting up right next to an outlet. I found the cords to be attached well and of high quality thick cording. The light stands come with their own thick nylon carrying case with a full zipper closure as well as a zippered end. The case has a handle for carrying also that also has Velcro to keep it closed.
Overall, this is an Emartinc Emart 2000W Photography Light Studio Kit that can be used by a professional or amateur. The kit comes with everything I need to capture those special memories anytime I want. The kit is portable which allows me to take it to family functions, the park, or set it up at home. I will not say it is not intimating when you open up the box for the first few minutes. It took me about 30 minutes to set up, but this is my first time and I believe once I understand the system better it will take a lot less time. Also, this time included unpacking the kit. One feature I thought was nice is you can put all of the backdrop clothes on the backdrop at one time so you don’t have to take time to take one down and put up another. All you have to do is slide the cloth color you want into place. Or place the cloth you will use the most on the backdrop and clip the others to the stand as needed. The backdrop clothes are thick and are flawless which means years of use and I don’t have to worry about picking up images behind the cloth. The background clothes can be place directly on the backdrop back or clamped on. The kit does come with 6 heavy duty black plastic clamps. If you have your own background clothes with specific designs you can use them on this backdrop just keep in mind of the size. I do like that the backdrop is easy to adjust with either removing a steel bar or adjusting a locking clamp. The lamp bases are quite sturdy and allow me to move them around without feeling the lamps were top heavy. The power switches were located in different locations on each lamp which was strange to me. The umbrella switch is located on the back of the base stand and the box lamps has its switch on the cord. I would have preferred both on the back of the lamp base, but that is personal preference. The set is ready to use it even comes with 4 energy saving bulbs. What I really like about this lightening kit is the compact size and really how easy it was to set up once I figured it out. All of the adjustments were simple to make even for someone who had never used a backdrop. The black finish looks so professional and the steel is sturdy as well as durable. Also, the kit is easy to carry because of the carrying cases and surprisingly not as heavy as one would thin. The only issue I really found was the instructions could be written clearer. I am completely happy with the Emartinc Emart 2000W Photography Light Studio Kit. I would recommend it to the professional or amateur photographer.
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