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Canvas Tote – Beachwear Top

Summer is here which means more spur of the moment trips to the beach or poolside with family and friends. The first two thing every woman needs is a great tote to toss her bathing suit, cover-up, towel, sunglasses and suntan lotion in and a beachwear top to have it ready at a moments notice. Therefore, this sturdy canvas tote with its Chevron print is just what we all need to carry our beachwear top and other essentials.  This canvas tote is a great size and the beachwear top is flirty.

The Chevron print canvas tote comes in black and white, blue and white or red and white.  This tote is a great size at 18 inches x 5 1/2 inches x 12 inches. The tote has a top zipper closure so you can be assured that nothing will fall out or be misplaced if you want to have it packed and ready to go. There are two handles sporting a of a off white rope that has a twist pattern. While these handles are about 13 inches measuring from the center of the bag to the middle of the rope handles they are comfortable to hold.

The strong white thread stitching is tight and straight. The rope handles run through metal grommets for added strength. When looking at the inside of the canvas tote you will find a white opaque polyester lining. Another great feature is the inside pocket with a zipper closure. The pocket is large enough to slip a cell phone or pair of pair of sunglasses into it.

Another great thing to add to your canvas tote is a beachwear top. This beachwear top is made of a blue chiffon, but it also comes in white. The white lace detail takes this beachwear top from a plain cover-up to a dressy piece. Lightweight, soft and loose fitting to give that sexy feel. This beachwear top is a one size fits most. It measures 22 inches long, 38 inches wide and has a 26 inch waist.

The lace adds such a decorative element that is eye catching. The lace goes from the shoulder all round the front. There is no lace along the neck to cause any itchy discomfort. Along, the sides and bottom is a lace in a oval pattern that is also in the front neckline design. Each of the elements brings the beachwear top together nicely.

Though, this beachwear top is normally for covering up your bathing suit you will find it can be easily be worn as a summer top. While adding a camisole  or tank top would be a great way to take this beachwear top from casual to dressy. Grab your canvas tote and beachwear top and you will be ready for whatever summer has in store for you.

Do not miss out on all the fun that summer has to offer and be ready to pick up and go on a whim. This sturdy Chervon tote has room for it all. While you soak up the sun you can put on your beachwear top and have that sexy flirty look. Another great benefit is wear your beachwear top and hit the local restaurant looking causal or dressy depending on the look you are going for.




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