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Bluetooth 42 Inch Tower Fan

If you are anything like me I need a fan running year round in my bedroom. I don’t know if it’s the humming sounds that comes from the air moving around or if it’s the slight breeze that hits my face as I sleep.  One problem is we misplace the remotes to our fans quite often. No on wants to get up in the middle of the night or when relaxing in your favorite chair to turn up or down your fan speed. This is why I was happy to see the Bluetooth 42 inch tower fan by OZERI. No more worrying where the remote is I can use my phone.
This Bluetooth 42 inch tower fan comes with  a lot of the features that one would expect in a high dollar fan, but this one is actually priced at an affordable price. You will need to assemble this fan, but this allows you to choose to have the fan at 32 inches or 42 inches. Just leave off  the column and the fan will be 32 inches if the column is added you have a 42 inch fan.

There is a flip up top to reveal the operating buttons and remote control. Located on the front of the fan is a large LCD screen that will display the room temperature, the air speed and optional modes.  Also, this tower fan has 3 airflow patterns, fan speeds and can be program with its 12 hour timer.

Also, this new Bluetooth 42 inch tower fan gives you three options to operate the functions. There is the Bluetooth,  a remote control or the operating buttons on the top of the fan. The fan works by simply plugging the fans plug into a wall plug. The LED screen is not overly bright to begin with in my opinion, but for those who are sensitive to any light at night the LED can be dimmed further. The 12 hour timer allows the fan to be programmed in 1 hour intervals.

Overall, it was apparent right from the start that the Ozeri Bluetooth 42 inch tower fan is well made.  It is so easy to use and after testing it for a month I am still impressed. After assembling the fan which took less than 10 minutes from start to finish, the fan was up and running.
Having the  room temperature displayed on the front of the fan is very nice, it allows you to adjust the fan speed to make the room more comfortable even before you start to feel warm. I could see the LED screen from all areas of my family room which is 23’ by 26’. The remote works throughout the same area which in my opinion is great since I will not have to worry about where I locate my fan. Also, with the addition of the Bluetooth feature I never have to worry if someone misplaces or forget the remote in the holder.
Even in a room this size I am getting great air flow. I have to say the air flow is quite impressive and is much better than any others I have tested. What is surprising is for the amount of air the fan produces it is extremely quiet. Therefore, turning up the television volume when the fan is running is no longer needed.  Also, there is no need to worry about waking up to the whistling hum or rattling fan. The remote is easy to use and I find it very responsive, but I find I am using the Bluetooth feature more. I like that if I want I can go up to the fan and operate it manually without any issues too.
The lid lifts quickly and all of the controls are easy to see. A quick press of a button and the fan is operating on whatever mode or fan speed I choose. On the LED screen there are symbols that represent the different modes. The 3 different breeze modes are sleep, nature and normal. Each has their own distinctive wind pattern. There are three fan speeds are high, medium and low.
Also, the fan can oscillate up to 90 degrees or you can leave it stationary. The fan allows the user to set the fan to shut down at 1 hour increments which is nice if it will be used in a bedroom. The fan is a stylish modern looking fan with its gray body and black accents and LED screen. The appearance of the fan will fit any décor.

Do not worry the Bluetooth feature is easy to set up and took just a few minutes.  The Bluetooth feature works flawlessly on my Iphone 7 and I tested it on Iphone 8  there were no hiccups. The Bluetooth app can be on more than one phone, but only one can operate it at one time. Also, you have to be within 25 feet for the Bluetooth feature to work.  In my family someone constantly misplacing the remotes. Then when I am rocking my granddaughter I cant get up to turn the fan on, off or to change the speed without distributing her. This is one fan I plan on buying again soon. I would recommend this fan.

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Bluetooth 42 Inch Tower Fan

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