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Become a Professional Bake with Ozeri

I have baked for years without using a kitchen scale and my baked goods would turn out differently from batch to batch. Then I read an article where a pastry chef said if you don’t weigh your ingredients you cannot be assured that your baked goods will turnout the same every time. So I bought a scale and used it all the time, but the surface area was limited. This kitchen scale by Ozeri has a larger flat surface and was easy to clean. I have started using this scale since it offers me so much more versatility instead of my old scale.

This kitchen scale is light weight at less than 1 lb. and measures around 8 x 5 ½ inches and is 8/10 of inch thick. The scale can show measurements in pounds, ounces, grams and Kilograms. This scale can measure actually from 0.1 ounce to 11 pounds. Readings are shown on a LCD screen and a dial. This kitchen scale does have the Tare feature which is very useful when measuring dry and wet ingredients. The scale does require 3 AAA batters to function.

Overall, I found the surface of this scale to be more than adequate to hold a small or large bowl or even a baking pan or plate. The surface is tempered glass which is smooth and easy to clean. The Tare button is so important for a baker. What the Tare function allows is the baker to place a container on the scale such as a bowl, but only measure the actual ingredients. It is easy to switch back and forth between the different measurements which is important. Changing the batteries is easy and does not require any tools. The scale is really light weight and sets flat on any surface. The scale does have feet, but they are flat and only keep the scale slightly off the counter surface. The LCD screen is backlit and easy to read. I find the dial is easy to read, but may not be for everyone. When testing the scales accuracy I used scale weights and it performed perfectly. I received this product as a sample and my findings are based on my own impressions of the product. In no way was my finding influenced by my sample. I have only been using this scale for a few days, but I have used in continuously during this time. I have retested the accuracy with the weights again and the weights are still reading correctly.

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