Back-Lit Key-less Door Lock

I can’t tell you how many times we have locked ourselves out of the house. It is so easy we go out the the pool or yard and the door closes. Oops we are locked out again. Leaving a key outside is never a good idea which means we have to call a family member to brings us a spare key. It was time for us to buy a key-less door lock.

It was time we could no longer just think about if we should switch to a key-less door lock.  We would be able to ensure we would never find ourselves on the wrong side of the door again. Finding the right key-less door lock is very important. The EZ lock had all the features we were looking for.  No more worries about lost keys or calling to have someone let us in.

It is important when looking at door lock that look over the sizing diagram to be sure this will fit your door.  If you have a deadbolt these measurements are very important. While the door handle on this unit can be reversed not all door locks have this option. Another point is that when installing you may have to drill a holes in the door. Also, know that these types of locks automatically lock and do not have a locking mechanism on the inside.


What we like about this particular key-less door lock was we can program up to 200 users. This allows us to give family members their own ID and codes. These codes and ID’s can be changed at anytime. Another great feature is the one-time code.  This allows special codes to be made for guests, service workers, house keepers and so on. All codes are 4-8 digits so they are not hard to remember.

Another thing we really liked was the key pad is back-lit for easy viewing especially at night. These locks are great for convenience. When using your new lock you can use a random number before putting in your code if other people are around.  This key-less lock is not waterproof so it will work best with a screen door, under a overhang, porch or enclosed area.

While having the doors lock when closing is a great feature. Having the ability to unlock them is more important to our family if we forget to grab our keys. The key-less lock requires 4 AA batteries, but will work with keys or an emergency 9 volt battery.


If someone tries to input the wrong code 3 times to gain access they will be able to open the door. A alarm will go off and the lock keeps beeping for 10 seconds. Then the for 2.5 minutes no code will open the door.

Installation is the same as any other door lock other than the programming. The manual is easy to read and follow. If you make a mistake you can reset to factory set and start again. This key-less door lock comes with everything you need to install your new lock except for the batteries.

We are very happy with this key-less door lock. It is sturdy and has a nice appearance to it. While programming is easy if you will need to take your time and follow the steps. Installation took less than a 1/2 hour from start to finish. As a result no more worrying if someone has their keys.

Interesting in finding out more you can read over the manual here launch

Package Include:

1 * EZlock outdoor unit&indoor unit
1 * Screw bags
2 * Rubber pad
1 * 60/70mm adjustable single latch
2 * Mechanical keys
2 * Cards
1 * EZlock manual


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