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Baby Soother – Smart Interactive

A baby soother might just give my daughter the good night sleep she has been missing for 10 months. Our little granddaughter wakes up every few hours. She is not one to take  pacifier and for the most part hates a bottle.  White noise makers and other apps are great, but they do not turn on command. The La Luna smart interactive baby soother turns on right when we need it.

While most white noise machines either stay on a short time or all night. Really that is not a good idea since it trains the baby to need noise to stay a sleep. The baby soother mimics the environment they experienced in the womb so its comforting. Another thing this smoother allows is voice recording to sooth the baby back to sleep without having to leave your bed.

When the baby soother hears the baby cry it automatically turns on. Then it plays for 15 minutes more than enough time for the baby to fall back to sleep.  What is nice about this soother is you can choose to play shushing sounds or your own voice. There is a volume control also which allow you to control the volume you want to play for your baby when they first go to sleep. Another nice feature is the sound is goes in a 360 degree pattern giving the sounds a more natural sound.

The baby soother has a flexible hook that allows it to be attached to the crib, stroller, pack-n-play or anywhere you might need it. While most baby soother’s will need to be plugged in this one is rechargeable. A 2 hour charge will last 40 hours.  Though, most new moms will still hear their baby’s cries they will be able to sleep sounder knowing their baby will hear their voice or sounds that provide the baby comfort.

Babies are more like us then we think. I know when I wake up I grab for my phone or Ipad before I can fall back to sleep. There are a lot of people who cannot fall asleep without music, television or fan blowing. So its understandable that a baby who was exposed to so many sounds while in the womb and now its silent needs noise.

Overall, if mom and baby are not getting enough sleep then it becomes a huge problem for the whole family. When the baby cries this baby soother was prompt to respond. The sounds are natural and because of the circular speaker it does feel more natural. The volume can be set to your baby’s listening needs. However, as your baby’s cries get louder the baby soother will adjust its volume automatically just like mom would if she was comforting her baby. The volume lowers as the baby calms down too so no need to get up to adjust the volume.

I think this baby soother offers some very nice features. Auto cry response is optimal for mom and baby to get a good night sleep. Playing for 15 minutes before turning off is just the right amount of time to comfort most babies. I love not having to worry about having fresh batteries lying around. Charging for two hours in the morning means its ready to go. The life of the battery will depend on how many times the baby wakes up.

Special Notes: 
Made with PBA free material.
Patent pending.

Recharging time: 2 hours
Operating time after full charge: 40 hours

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